Travelling with a baby is daunting to say the least! Your head is full of crazy worries, things like ‘Will my baby scream the whole way and everyone demand us leave the plane?’ or ‘How on earth am I going to take everything my baby possibly needs?’ Well let me tell you it will be fine and you will have a great time, I promise! I can’t promise there won’t be tears, yours or theirs, but it will be worth it! Here are 10 must-have items that are essential for travelling with bub and surviving with your sanity intact!

1. Ergobaby Cool Air 360 Carrier

This is a must have! It enables you to have your hands free while carrying the baby so you can wheel luggage, push a second child in a pram, get travel documents, etc and is so comfy and easy to wear you and baby will live in it. With four positions it suits baby to toddlers and you can easily breastfeed baby on the go as well. It’s vital for travel when streets are not pram friendly and you are out exploring or hiking. I have the Cool Air model, as most of the time I travel to places that are warm therefore it is important the carrier isn’t too hot for baby and myself as they do get quite hot being held close to your body. You can always place blankets over bubs and dress them more warmly if in cooler climates.  I use the Ergo everyday even when not travelling as once you start you will be addicted as it makes life so much easier! Ergobaby Cool Air 360 Carrier $279

2. Suppori Baby Sling

I know I just recommended the Ergobaby carrier but believe me you need this one as well especially if you are travelling to a hot climate! So easy to wear, lightweight (will roll up into your handbag or throw it under the pram!) and you can even wear it into the water! Perfect for if baby has had enough of the pram, to wear at the beach or into the pool and when it is just so hot you need to have the least amount of fabric and child touching you as possible! Suppori Baby Sling $57.95

3. Babyzen Yoyo Stroller

Oh my gosh this stroller is amazing! When you travel you will see that nearly everybody has one. They are a must have and will make your travel experience so much easier! It folds up to the size of a large handbag and can be slung over your shoulder easily. They allow them in the overhead compartment of the plane (life saver!) which means you can wheel your child straight off the plane! No waiting at the luggage carousel holding a sleeping baby or chasing a rogue toddler through slow moving disembarking passengers. I have also been allowed by lovely airport stewards to wheel a sleeping baby onto the plane which allowed him an extra fifteen minutes sleep before take off and me to get myself and other child settled. Another great feature is that the seat can be reclined so your child can have a comfortable sleep when travelling or out sightseeing as well as having a compartment underneath to put bags, loose items, etc. I use it all the time even when not travelling as it sits neatly at my childs feet in the car and literally takes two seconds to throw open. Babyzen Yoyo Stroller $699

4. Pram Toy Strap

I never really liked the look of a pram strap but they are so handy! The amount of time you spend picking up a wayward toy that baby has decided to throw overboard is ridiculous not to mention all the germs the slobbery toy is picking up each trip to the floor. Pram Toy Strap $7.50

5. Fan Fan the Fawn

Move over Sophie the Giraffe there is a new friend in town and she is super cute! Fan Fan is the perfect travelling companion for your tot as she is great for chewing on, easy peasy to clutch onto and squeaks as well! Its also nice to have a change from good old Sophie! Easy to wipe down as well so if she does hit the floor you can easily clean her up before giving her back to bubs. Fan Fan the Fawn $29.95

6. Tibi + Marl Changing Clutch This stylish clutch is amazing and will bring a touch of glamour to nappy changes! (if that at all is possible!) With a removable soft fleece change mat and room for all that you need, it makes plane toilet nappy changes so much easier! I keep mine stocked with two nappies, wipes, nappy bags, sudocrem and hand sanitiser. Also great as you can turn any bag into a nappy bag or throw it under the pram and take out a nice clutch for yourself instead of lugging around a gigantic nappy bag! Tibi + Marl Changing Clutch $57

7. Tooshies by TOM organic baby wipes

You cannot call yourself a mother unless you are carrying around baby wipes in your bag! These baby wipes by Tooshies for TOM Organic are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin and are good for the environment.  Wipes are necessity when you have children from nappy changes to cleaning dirty faces. Also great for anything from wiping down plane tables and high chairs at restaurants to cleaning toys and wiping dirty marks from your own clothes! Tooshies by TOM Organic $5.50

8. CoziGo

The CoziGo is a fabulous invention by a mum to help her baby sleep on long haul flights. It fits to airplane bassinets and blocks light and movement so that your baby can have a restful sleep without being woken by lights, food service or other passengers walking up and down the aisles. When baby is sleeping it allows you to as well so hopefully you and bubs arrived rested and refreshed as well as your fellow passengers! It also attaches to your pram (fits to nearly any pram, we use it with our yoyo) so baby can sleep soundly while on the go, protects from the harsh UV rays of the sun and just springs open! Its breathable and has great ventilation with heaps of room so is super comfortable for baby and makes travelling with baby so much easier! Oh and lastly its super compact and can be hung from the handle of your pram in a small little bag or throw it into your handbag. CoziGo $99.95

9. Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

I love Aesop products and this one is a must for all travellers! Rinse-Free Hand Wash is so handy when you can’t find a tap and your child just touched the ground or has been crawling around on the airport floor! Put some on a wipe and wipe down the grotty high chair or plane table. Great also if you have to change a nappy and you are in the middle of nowhere without a bathroom in sight. Fits easily into the changing clutch and throw another into your handbag as well. Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash $10

10. Organic Cotton Wrap by Toshi

A breathable cotton wrap is indispensable when travelling with baby. You can use it to swaddle, cover the pram, as a blanket, for discreet breastfeeding, a wrap for yourself and the list goes on. These ones by Toshi are made with organic cotton with gorgeous vintage prints they take up no room and are easy to have stashed away in your bag. Toshi Wrap $34.95

*This is in no way sponsored just my honest opinion on what you need to make travelling with a baby more bearable and dare i say it – fun!