2017. WHAT A YEAR. In so many ways the best yet. And I’ve been waiting a loooong time to say that!

Professionally I achieved so much more than I ever dreamed possible. From placing top 3 in the Australian Influencer Awards, to being fan-girled by Kelly Rowland (!!) to starting a label and moving into an office. I continued to create content and work with some of the biggest Australian and International brands and turned my own brand into a viable business.  I also bit of way more than I could chew and had many a breakdown. ;)

Personally I had so much growth as I recognized the hardships of years before taught me all the lessons I needed for now. I learnt to let go of what didn’t serve me and focus on what did. Gratitude is everything. Physically, I birthed a human- High 5 for that!

Our darling angel finally came home to our family. Poppy Valentine you not only made our year, you made our family, you made our lives. This was the year I finally gave my son a sister. And as I reflect on the year it’s these moments I want to remember. The little ones... the simple ones... the one's I haven't shared.

If you are still waiting for your year, I hope 2018 is the one! Thank you for the conversation, the support and the love. I hope you feel it back. 2018 we're ready for you!

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