I know I keep saying it, but time is really flying! On today's video  I'm talking about how I'm preparing for baby and answering all your questions. Thanks for sending them through! I love having a 2 way convo with you guys. The video is quite long so I thought I would write down the questions I'm answering so you can skip forward if there is something in particular you are more interested in hearing me a

  1. Where is your top/dress from?
  2. What do you eat on an everyday basis this pregnancy?
  3. How tall are you and how much weight have you put on? (I forgot to tell my height when answering this- I'm 173cm)
  4. Do you have a birth plan or know what sort of birth you are hoping for?
  5. How different have you found this pregnancy to your first?
  6. How many rounds of IVF did you do?
  7. Any tips for entering the third trimester- like sleep more or sleep less to prepare for baby? Any new symptoms?
  8. What type of exercise do you do in pregnancy?
  9. How are you preparing your first child for the new baby?
  10. Can you suggest where to get a baby shower dress?
  11. Any tips for pregnancy insomnia

If you  have any more questions, leave them in the comments and I'll include in my next (and probably final) pregnancy video.x