When your baby is teething, upset and in pain it can be so tempting to reach for the medication – or products which claim to provide quick relief like teething powders, tablets and gels. However, more and more we see many of these “miracle” products being recalled after being deemed unsafe, often due to harmful ingredients. 

And while we know sometimes, when you’ve tried everything and it’s 3am - nothing but good old paracetamol is going to cut it, - but before you hit the medicine cupboard, we’ve rounded up some tips, tricks and products that are worth a try before resorting to the medicine cabinet.

1.     Ice Ice Baby

Anything cold can be soothing to sore sensitive gums, so things like:

·      Pop a wet washcloth in the freezer and when it is partially frozen let baby gnaw on that

·      Frozen fruit or fruit puree (just make sure you use a muslin or mesh bag for babies to avoid choking hazards.

·      Cold foods like yoghurts or purees – or even making your own healthy ice blocks out of fresh squeezed juice or greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.

2.     Teething toys

What works here will differ from baby to baby and it might take some trial and error, but just be sure you opt for organic and/or safe materials as they will be in your babies mouth. They should also be cleaned regularly and rotated – any that are hollow will likely fill up with baby’s drool and become a breeding ground for mould (gross!) so keep these on high rotation.

3.     Teething jewellery – for you and bub

While the science isn’t there to back up amber necklaces (or they also come in bracelets or anklets if you don’t like the idea of something around baby’s neck), some mums do swear by them. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warns parents about the physical risks posed by teething necklaces and bracelets so if you do choose to use them you should always do so under complete supervision and remove them during sleep and nap times.

If the thought of your baby wearing jewellery doesn’t appeal to you then you can also get silicone necklaces that you can wear – and provide a nice treat for baby’s gums! Also there’s something about the fact that you are wearing it which makes it more enticing to baby…

4.     Fresh ginger

You might have relied on the healing power of ginger when you were suffering from morning sickness during your pregnancy – well this superfood can also help ease baby’s sore gums, just peel it and rub a little on their gums. It is a strong taste though so start with a little bit and see how baby reacts…

5.     Essential oils

While you do have to be careful using essential oils on babies, and if unsure always speak with your doctor. But a little lavender and chamomile are both known for their soothing and calming qualities and chamomile is also a mild anti-inflammatory. Clove oil (generally recommended for kids over 2) can also help – always dilute the essential oils before using on baby.

For more details on essential oil uses visit https://www.essentialoilmumma.com.au/

6.     Things around the house

Get creative with things around the house, a chilled metal spoon, an (unused – duh!) toothbrush, or heck your finger or the boob. Even sometimes a little distraction can work wonders, take them outside, go for a walk or pop on some music or the telly (yeah yeah, we know) – a change of scenery can often work a treat.

Have you got any other tips or tricks for teething bubs and toddlers? Let us know in the comments below!