Some days it’s so easy to find the motivation, you wake up, you feel fresh and ready to take on the world (Well, so I’ve heard it happens for some people…) And most some days you’re forced out of bed to tend to a screaming child, you drag yourself to the coffee machine and if you manage to shower it’s an achievement. So anything we can do to find that little extra motivation, that kick up the backside to stop putting things off or work through our ever-growing to-do list and finally turn our dreams into reality is worth a try right!

Our friends at MiGoals – creators of diaries that not only help you plan your time but also help you set and achieve your goals – have put together a list of 7 genius tips to help us all stop procrastinating and actually get shit done.

1. Say goodbye to distractions

Distractions – the roadblock to productivity. Kids, phone, chores, stress, family, paying bills, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, whatever it is try and remove yourself from it – even if it’s for an hour or two in your day. One idea could be to plant yourself in your local café just to focus on what’s in front of you, put some headphones in and reply to those emails, plan your weekly meals and organise those flights to Bali (lucky you).

Your environment plays a big role in your ability to get shit done. Otherwise, we would all be working from bed … ahh, the dream.

2. Keep coming back to your mantra, purpose and goals

Science-y people will tell you, and we have to agree, that people LOVE to be motivated (a lot of stimulation starts happening in that noggin of yours). However, it is the follow-through that generally stumps people. Try and find what motivated you to begin with, and come back to it when you get moments of blah.

A big goal can often seem out of reach. Break it down into smaller more achievable goals to help conquer your fear of being overwhelmed. Once you tick these off and feel the joy of the little wins, momentum will follow and the things that motivated you, to begin with, will spark up again to help you progress even further.


3. Take a break

Fact: Your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break. 

There’s no use sitting at your computer all day without taking breaks. Give your brain a sec to focus on something else. Maybe watch a funny cat video or take a moment of gratitude. But the most beneficial thing you can do is take a break and get up and stretch your legs.

Breaks = clarity, something you will lack if you work yourself silly and non-stop.

 4. Play some tunes

Music can be a huge motivator when you hit a mental block. Sometimes what you will play will depend on the tasks at hand; Drake while writing up a business report – totally fun but probably not your best option. Some slower paced and less lyric-y options will be your go to. Pretty much every music platform has designated playlists for this study, focus, etc, so try one of these. 

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5. Body moving

Get the endorphins up and going in the AM. Don’t feel like you have to gruel it out in the gym, a little stretching, a walk or a quick HIIT session will be enough to majorly improve your energy levels and brain function for the day ahead.

Even though it probably (definitely) doesn’t feel like a good idea when you are snuggled up in bed, getting up that little bit earlier to get your body moving will be so good for getting your focus on.

6. Meditate

5 minutes that’s it. Close your eyes and clear your mind – we know, not as easy as it sounds but just focus on your breathing for a little part of your workday and reset. Again, like taking a break it will allow you to come back and see things more clearly.

If you feel like you can’t meditate at work, then do it in the morning when you first wake up to set your day on a nice peaceful slow note.


7. Write shit down 

Want to stay focused and on track. Write down what needs to be done and do it, simple as that. Bitten off more than you can chew – well you probably haven’t. You just need to break it down and start prioritising.

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