If you're feeling a little wound up and stressed, a massage can help you relax. And if you've got an achy back or you're an active parent or professional with sore and overused muscles, a massage is a proven fast-track to recovery.

But have you ever stopped to think about the dozens of other ways that massage can help you? Well, if you read on, you're about to find out some of our very own favourites here at Blys, the on-demand mobile massage company in Sydney and Melbourne for clients who are constantly on the go.

1. Focus

It's impossible to separate body from mind, so an hour in the hands of a massage therapist can have you re-entering the world with a fresh focus.

2. Sleep

Too many of us struggle for a full night's sleep, but the world famous Mayo Clinic has found that massage is great for calming the mind and treating insomnia.

3. Energy

When you get a massage, the relaxation stimulates the release of endorphins. And guess what? This natural, feel-good opioid also gives us energy.


4. Pain relief

Hormones stimulated during massage are cortisol, serotonin and dopamine, which are all natural pain-killers and are also good for lowering blood pressure, heart rate and inhibiting pain signals.

5. Migraines

Research has consistently shown that massages help with migraines.

6. Confidence

So many people don't feel quite right in their own skin, but a regular massage - in which your body is given someone's full attention - really can make us feel better about ourselves.

7. Detox

Massage stimulates our lymphatic system, clearing our bodies of toxins, waste products and cellular debris. The result is that you walk away feeling fresh, healthy and with a boosted immune system.



8. Circulation

Massage stimulates the release of helpful hormones but also increases blood circulation, feeding the body with oxygen and nutrients, whilst healing little niggles.

9. PMS

Research done by the University of Miami Medical School has shown that when women are suffering from PMS, massages can help with mood swings, bloating, weight gain and other side-effects.

But the myriad and often surprising benefits of massage don't end there, so find out what massage is right for you and to book yourself a massage conveniently delivered to your home.