digs10 It all began with a zebra rug and a splash of yellow. The upside of having lived in three homes since Archie arrived is that I've had three opportunities to create his perfect room. Each space was adapted to reflect the transition from nursery to little boys room, but the the colour theme (and zebra) remains the same.

What I love most about this space (other than the fire place and ledlight windows for which I can take no credit) is how we've incorporated sentimental pieces from our past into essentially a modern room. My favourite things include a masked possum illustration by SMH/London Daily Mail cartoonist Ward O'Neill- a newborn gift for my husband's arrival in 1978, a surfboard with customised Bob Moore artwork from my husband's days at Mambo, a print from our French artist friend Genevieve Gaukler,  the wooden sailing ship found at a lighthouse on our babymoon and the elephant stools I bought in Thailand (now painted white) from my very first round the world adventure.

My MOST favourite thing about this space is that Archie absolutely LOVES it. I mean elephants and bulldozers- whats not to love right?

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