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If you’re hoping for/expecting a baby in 2019 then chances are baby names are top of mind. It’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll make deciding what to call your little one and it can be quite overwhelming if you let it (unless you’re someone whose always had their names locked down then, lucky you).

In 2018, according to Baby Centre, the top 10 names for boys and girls in Australia didn’t stray far from what they have the past few years, with Oliver, Jack and Noah topping it for the boys, and Ava, Charlotte and Amelia for the girls.

For boys, the only major change was James falling out of the top 10 to make way for Mason.

The Top Baby Names For 2018:

Top 10 Boys names:

1. Oliver

2. Jack

3. Noah

4. William

5. Jackson

6. Thomas

7. Leo

8. Charlie

9. Mason

10. Henry

For girls, the only main changes to the top 10 were Zoe and Evie which were pushed out to make way for Sophia and Willow.

Top 10 Girls names:

1. Ava

2. Charlotte

3. Amelia

4. Olivia

5. Mia

6. Isla

7. Harper

8. Sophia

9. Lily

10. Willow

However, if you’re hoping for something a little outside the top 10, or perhaps a name that is emerging but not quite dominating the playgrounds just yet, Baby Centre have discovered some key trends that are expected to be big for the year ahead.

Top Baby Name Trends For 2019


Yep think Peter (Rabbit) or Jemima (Puddleduck) and Beatrix (Potter), as well as the Paw Patrol crew including Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Rocky. There’s also Roly (from Hey Duggee) and while we’re at it Dougie.

Disney characters are also big with Anna and Elsa from Frozen both rising up the ranks (no sign of Olaf yet!)

Binge-watch TV

Some of your favourite shows of 2018 are also providing inspiration, with Game of Thrones names including Aria/Arya charging up the ranks – Sansa, Tyrion, Jon and Dany (a shortened form of Daenerys) are all also expected to gain some momentum.

Julia and David from The Bodyguard as well as Eve from Killing Eve are also on the rise (Villanelle and Oksana might be a little slower on the uptake but you never know…)

Those ‘70s names

Next year parents are expected to look back to the 1970s for inspo, with old-school names including Brian. Barry, and Patricia getting some traction in 2018 - Cliff, Christine and Susan also expected to be big.


Names from destinations far and wide are also expected to be on high rotation, with names like Cairo, Dallas, Israel and India moving up – so maybe check your passport or a world map for more inspo…

Baby Names On The Rise In 2019

According to, who gathered information from over 900,000 Aussie mums, they have compiled a list of what they feel are going to be some of the biggest names for 2019.


  • Aiden

  • Atticus

  • Avery

  • Branson

  • Bryson

  • Charlie

  • Chase

  • Felix

  • Finley

  • Grayson

  • Hunter

  • Landon

  • Liam

  • Louis

  • Orson

  • Quinn

  • Sawyer

  • Sebastian

  • Silas

  • Theodore

  • Wyatt


  • Arabella

  • Arianna

  • Aubrey

  • Aurora

  • Charlie

  • Clara

  • Cora

  • Danica

  • Evelyn

  • Everleigh

  • Hadley

  • Harper

  • Kennedy

  • Layla

  • Lila

  • Luna

  • Mila

  • Pearl

  • Perstephanie

  • Reign

  • Willow