bug1 Firstly, I need to let you guys know that I have NEVER been so excited about a pram. I think I may have found my "Spirit-Stroller". We all know that Bugaboo is the leader of the pack when it comes to quality, durability and style- but the second Bugaboo by Diesel collection is seriously next level- in all of the above categories.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s denim! Yes, denim goes with everything making it the perfect accessory, but just like your favourite pair of jeans it will wear and get better with age - and the cool aesthetic means that dad will love it just as much as the fashionable mamas.  Secondly, it’s a Buffalo. My first pram was a Bee, which I loved, but now that I’ve tried the Buffalo, I’m a convert- particularly now that Archie is older and needs the extra room (It's been tested to carry up to 23kg!).


To celebrate the launch, Archie and I were invited to a fun filled morning where, just like in the campaign, the little ones got to go nuts with squeeze bottles of paint, creating a really cool, original backdrop.  With a little guidance from contemporary artist and art school director Cyndi Rogoff, they became mini Picassos, releasing their creativity and  getting covered from head to toe in paint in the process- thank goodness for their denim smocks!

These bugaboo collaborations really are about fashionable parenting with the #bebrave concept exploring those almost unbearable, yet hilarious moments that parents face, and telling those small ironic stories with a smile. This event really brought this notion to life. A really cool campaign for a really cool pram.


Why I LOVE the Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel

STYLE | This pram has serious street style. Not only does denim work with every outfit but it's also timeless, so will never go out of fashion. In fact, it will get better with age- so it really is a long term investment. The tougher, masculine look makes it the perfect accessory for the fashionable mama AND papa.

SPACE | The Buffalo is the only pram which has been designed to hang your handbag off the handlebar- up to 6kg here and an additional 10kg underneath. That is some serious storage!

SIZE | Archie is almost four and fits in the seat comfortably. The buffalo has a high positioned seat and carrycot making getting bub in and out a breeze; and thanks to its smart geometry, there is more space to walk behind the stroller- perfect for taller people. And of course an adjustable handlebar works with both heels and flats ;)

SMOOTH RIDE | When they say “all terrain,” they really mean it. Sand, snow, rocks- this baby can go absolutely everywhere! Navigating the bumpy and uneven footpaths in my neighbourhood is a breeze, and that thick grass and rocky ground at the park- not even an issue.

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