jax6 We are crazy for coconuts at our house. Coconut water was the first thing (after breast milk, of course) that I gave Archie to drink at 6 months, and he’s been obsessed ever since. We’ve tried countless pre-packaged coconut waters, (because, lets be honest, stabbing a rock-hard coconut like a frazzled lunatic is exhausting – and sometimes impossible), but the taste just never compares to the real thing- that is until we tried Jax Coco. The newly launched Jax Coco Kidz comes in convenient Tetra Paks, perfect for the lunch box- I always throw a couple in my bag when we're out and about. Archie is pretty fussy with his coconut water, but downed three in his first sitting- he seriously could not get enough. The best thing is that Jax Coco Kidz is made with only 100% pure coconut water and fruit puree or pure cocoa. They come in a variety of flavours- banana, classic coconut and of course, chocolate are Archie's favourite. With 70% less sugar than most juices, it’s the healthier alternative for a convenient, tasty refreshment on the go. PS. I'm dying over this shoot- definitely one of my faves xo

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Archie wears Bandit Kids.