Processed with VSCO with s2 preset As any parent knows, it can be near impossible to find time for romance when there are so many other priorities that just continue to get in the way. With our lives just seeming to get busier and busier, endless to-do lists, demanding little ones - oh and that little thing called sleep deprivation - all make the thought of dressing up and heading out for a date night and a little romance well and truly in the too-hard basket.

In the interests of research (and literally wanting to know!) we put it to you guys on Instagram, the real mamas, to find out what you do to prioritise date night and to find time for a little loving.

Here are some of our faves that we'll be trying out ASAP!

@belliesandbeyond: Our best date is called “Messina and Massages”. It’s after the kids are asleep and we get a good babysitter and we walk to bondi and the rest is pretty self explanatory! So important to prioritise time together x

@whatupkt: We started our own little book club #theboyfriendbookclub and each month we pick a book to read and every night we read an average of 10 pages and discuss what we read. Nice way to stay bonded.

@love_little_s: We gifted date nights as Christmas presents and have bought some tickets to stand up comedy, ballet it’s all in the calendar and we just have to work it out! First date night on Saturday and it was amazing. More to know your partner still makes your heart skip a beat beyond the chaos.

@frenchzilian: Babysitting swap with another couple (that you know and trust) who also wishes to go on a date night?

@charleneswa: Date night at home is nice sometimes too. Get dressed up, put some heels on, do your hair & makeup as if you were headed out. Decorate the dining table with some candles & flowers. Either buy & cook something you dont normally eat *fussy kiddies* or order takeaway & have it delivered. Open a bottle of wine and/or champagne. Run a bath. Have a glass of wine under the stars. It's not the same as going out, but still different to the everyday.

@mum_in_trainers: Alphabet date night! Whether u are staying in or going out, day dates or night dates - take it in turns to decide what you are going to be doing and the theme begins with what ever letter you are on ( does that make sense?)

@jltownsend: A good babysitter. We do surprise dates during the day on the weekends! Just for two hours. Walk on the beach, long lunch, mini golf, hike, bike ride! Night is too hard and your usually so tired you take turns picking the surprise. It’s honestly been the BEST thing for our marriage. We have 3 young kids and just needed to put us first.

@big_and_little_joys_of_my_life: We have 3 kids. Almost 10 years , almost 12 years and 18 months old. On Fridays we often let the children eat first something easy and what they like and than eat later on something specjal we like. Candle lights music and table for two!

@mrsheemskerk: While hubby is putting the kids to bed, I’ll make a special dinner then by the time he’s finished we sit at the table in silence and have a little date night. We have no family here either, but it’s still so nice to do this xx

@emily_mclean90: Our date nights consist of Uber eats and a movie after the kids go to bed, no need for babysitters... or clothes.

@beckiebplus3: Be wary of the date night...that’s how we have come to be expecting #4 🤣🤣🤣

If you've got any other great tips be sure to share them in the comments below!