sleep We’ve all been there. Night feeds, nightmares, teething toddlers, wet beds, an overactive mind, or maybe it’s your Instagram addiction keeping you up into the early hours? #guilty

The bad news is that motherhood = crappy sleep. The good news is that even if you don't get the elusive 8 hours, you don't have to look like the living dead the morning after. (Insert applause.) And if we look good/human, we FEEL better, right?!

After two years of being woken every three hours, I've tried and tested every trick, tip and miracle product for de-puffing, concealing and transforming the ashen zombie back into the human state. And just quietly I think I've got it down. So without further ado, here is my Five Step Guide to faking until you're waking.

1. Exfoliate | As we sleep we naturally shed dead skin cells, so after a sleepless night a manual exfoliation is the first step to bring your skin back to life. Use a granular exfoliant as a chemical one could leave tired skin red and botchy. I use Model Co's Facial Scrub, it's affordable and all natural. 

2. Excess baggage | As well as being the "window to the soul", our eyes are also the first sign of a restless night. The good old chilled spoon or tea bag trick helps to de-puff, but if you want to tackle the  trifecta - lines, dark circles and bags- you can't go past a 20 minute under eye patch. There are so many on the market. Some better than others. My faves are from Alpha 75 and Payot

3. Hydrate | A night of musical-beds is a recipe for drying your skin to prune like status. So if you're not looking to add thirty three years to your age, you'll probably need some extra hydration. I use a serum under my moisturiser to give an extra boost. I alternate between Emergin C serum and Rosehip Oil

4. Cover up | Make up essentials 101 is to invest in a good concealer. Concealer is your best friend. Repeat. Concealer. Best. Friend. Since trying YSL Touch éclat a year ago, I could never use anything else- truly deserving of it's global cult status. My favourite trick for instant results is to highlight. THIS tutorial totally changed my make-up game.  Another handy tip is to apply a nude eyeliner along your waterline to disguise tired, red eyes, and lots of mascara on the top lash only (don't risk any more darkness underneath) will also fake awake. Finally, bronze up baby and say goodbye to your outer zombie.

5. If all else fails, a high tight pony tail (AKA literal facelift), a bright lip and killer shades should definitely do the trick. You can even have a quick snooze under the shades and no-one will notice. #winwin Happy faking mamas xo



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Image| Wildfox Courture