nsm1 When it comes to a colourful interiors, family lifestyle blogger Claire Cosh of @clairecollected is the undisputed Queen. If, like me, you're your attempts at a "casual colour clash" look more "hot mess" than "happy rainbow", then Claire's 5 tips to getting colour corrected  collected may be just what you need!

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There a loads of different ways to style effectively with colour. These days with clashing prints and varied textures being right on trend it is easier than ever to add some fun prints and colours to your kids rooms.

Bed room suites seem to be taking a back seat and instead varied materials, wooden furniture mixed with say metals and or perspex, softened with fabrics such as velvets back on linen and so on, it's all about working that mish mash! And that goes for pops of colour too. Here's how to achieve the look:


1. START SMALL |  For those new to styling with colour it's best to start small. I stick to neutrals for all expensive 'feature' items and add the colour via decor; Prints, wall hangings, linen, wallpaper and so on. If you are constantly changing your mind, and want to avoid divorce (husbands don't seem to like it when bulky large expensive items are exchanged for new bulky large expensive items in a short time frame!!) then this is a great way to have fun with colour in any home.


2) START WITH NEUTRALS | My base colour is always neutral. White is a given, but then i'll choose say grey, or black accents (not both). I am currently re doing Ruby's room and I've gone with a soft grey. There is an existing monochrome stripe paper above the wallpaper which will therefore be stripped. And the soft grey will be the base neutral. The best tip I have ever been given is the 80 / 20 philosophy. So if you wanted a monochrome room with a pop of colour, aim for 80% monochrome, 20% colour. or you could reverse this, 20% monochrome, 80% colour (more my style). This will look a lot more pleasing to the eye than say, 50/50, which can end up looking either messy, confused and un finished.


3. GET CLASHING | Don't be afraid of clashing prints and patterns, pastels and brights. If there was ever a time to have fun with these its now. You only need to look through the latest Kip & Co catalogue to see this done effectively. These guys are the masters of the colour / pattern mish mash. Pulling it off every single time, they are the best evidence that there really are no rules anymore.


4. FEATURE WALLS | Going for colour doesn't mean a colourful feature wall. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE them, but if you go down this path everything else in the room will require more thought. If you want to have on going fun with colour in your kids spaces, a white or neutral base will always give you maximum flexibility to change up their decor as they grow.


5) FURNITURE | Colourful furniture is an amazing way to add some vibrance and freshness to a room too. For me, working with a base of white and beech furniture allows me the freedom to go crazy with colourful decor. I'm yet to find a set of sheets that doesn't work in the girls rooms because the base is white. That said I ADORE some of the powder coated metal and cane furniture available these days. When investing in more permanent items like those I think a little more symmetry in the room is required. So, for example if I added the aqua tween peacock chair from the Family Love Tree to my daughters room (which I am seriously considering) I would add some aqua in to the linen choices, even if it was just a small cushion, a print on the wall or a patch of aqua in a weave on the wall, a little something to tie it all in together.


Claire's list of fab finds! 

Incy Interiors | Cots and beds in the most beautiful colour palettes imaginable.

Kip & Co | Nobody does colourful bed linen like these talented girls!

The Family Love Tree  | They had me at pastel cane furniture, and as for their flagship store - eek I want it all!

Down to the Woods  | Wire storage baskets, wall decor, furniture, you won't be disappointed)

Into the Fold | Their big spike oversized floor cushion would be one of the most fought after items in our household.

Poppies for Grace | Parties and room decoration ideas.

Jennifer & Smith | Fruit slice cusions? yes please!.

Such Great Heights Kids | Beautiful whimsical feature clothes racks and play tents.

Armadillo & Co | All time favourite rugs)

Pony Rider | These guys are the kings of outdoorsy cool, my son's room was built around some pieces I selected from these amazing talented people. The cushions and giant wall stickers are a personal fave.

Blacklist Store | Gorgeous prints, I found it quite difficult to find prints suitable for my 12 year old's make over. Then I found these guys and literally couldn't narrow it down. Best!)

Love Star  | If you love Lily's watermelon vase, you'll adore this store. Taking vases to the next level.


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