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Celebrity trainer Tegan Haining – think the woman David Beckham goes to to get fit – knows how hard it can be to come up with delicious, healthy and most importantly quick breakfast ideas.

“I always aim for protein rich, healthy fats and nutrient packed carbs at breakfast time,” says Tegan.

So when life gets busy (especially at this time of year) don’t let breakfast just mean a coffee and the crusts off the kids’ toast.

Here Tegan shares with us her three simple go-to breakfast ideas:  

1.     Soft boiled eggs with buttery bread soldiers

My absolute favourite way of eating eggs with plenty of organic butter - my healthy fat for the morning - to compliment the crunchy Spring Wholefoods bread soldiers.

2.     Simple fat burning shake that is great post-workout.

Add 1 cup milk of choice (my favourite is coconut), scoop of protein powder (my preference is whey) handful of frozen berries and handful of ice. This smoothie takes under 5 minutes to blitz up and is filled with nutrient dense ingredients.   Natural yogurt with 1/2 mango, 1/4 cup roasted almonds and coconut flakes - Protein from the yogurt and almonds, healthy fats from the coconut and delicious carbohydrate energy from the mango. 

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3.     Salmon & Avocado Greek style bowl.

This is a super easy recipe that takes a few minutes to assemble (you could even do it the night before) and requires zero cooking. I like to add one fillet of pre-packed hot smoked salmon, ¼ avocado, 1 baby cucumber sliced, a few cherry tomatoes, lemon, with salt/ pepper and fresh herbs to garnish, flat leaf parsley works well. Salmon is full of omega-3 and high in protein while the cucumber and tomatoes are great for a hydration boost.


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