We all know how important it is to drink more water.  We hear it ALL the time. But most of us still don't drink enough. How do we know? Well the old telltale signs- dry lips, skin, hair; red eyes; clogged pores; dark coloured urine on waking; constipation and the list goes on.

Pre-children, when I worked from a desk I found it easy to sip the recommended daily amount, but when your day is dashing from one place another, juggling kids, home, work, it's easy to forget.  I always make sure my little soccer star has a water bottle with him at all times, and I think it's time I take some of my own advice! So here are 5 things I'm implementing to make sure I get the most out of my 2 litres a day.


1.Make it the first thing you do- a warm glass of water is the best way to start the day. Your body works all night to package up yesterdays waste so a glass of warm water the moment you wake up is the best way to flush it out.

2. Never drink it ice cold. Ice cold water freezes the enzymes and fluids in your gut so your body can’t properly digest food, which creates toxic buildup. In addition, the blood vessels constrict so the toxic buildup gets stuck inside you instead of draining through your lymph (cleansing) system. extremely important for women during menstruation or when wanting to conceive because ice cold water reduces the circulation and energy needed to prepare the reproductive organs.

2. Add some lemon | Aids digestions and helps to rehydrate the body

3. Don't drink with a meal | It's best to drink water 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal to ensure absorption of nutrients. Obviously a few sips with a meal is fine, and even good to turn the meal into  but save the full glass for later so you don't dilute the stomach acid.

4. Sip- don't chug |  Somedays I'll forget to drink and then guzzle a litre at once, but would then just have to wake all night to pee. It's better to sip all day and fall a little short of your quota than chug it down and not absorb it properly.

5. Find a water GOOD water bottle and work out how many times you need to refill to hit your target | Pretty obvious, but really essential to know exactly how much you are drinking. And if you carry it in your bag, car- you'll always have it on hand. Make sure it's a good spill- proof, leak - proof BPA Free one like Contigo- you can grab one at Coles.


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