When you become a mother, "working from home" becomes the holy grail for many.

A life without the dreaded daily commute, extra time to spend with the kids. Laptop in one hand, baby wipe in the other, world domination while you're still in your PJs. This.Is.Balance. Right?

Whether it's your own business or a flexible job you can do remotely, working from home definitely has it's perks, but it's not all PJs and slippers. Obviously it can be quite lonely without the daily workplace interactions, but it can also be  difficult to seperate home and work, which means it's easy to get distracted and not get much work done.

I've been working from home for three years now and even though I miss the daily social interactions with my work mates, I love the freedom and flexibility- but there are a few systems I've had to put in to place to find that balance between freedom and productivity.

  1. Passion. The key to motivation is to work on or create projects that you love. If it doesn't feel like work, you will happily spend hours doing it.
  2. Try and stick to a work schedule. If the kids are in school, make sure you block out a certain amount of time to just work. Don't worry about the dishes or that 'one load of washing'. You can do that when the kids are home. If you work with kids at home, work out the best time you can get a couple of hours done without distraction. Maybe it's sleep time or when the husband gets home. On the days when Archie is home my work starts at 6pm when my husband can take over parenting duties.
  3. Declutter your work space. If you create a beautiful space to work, you will be more happy to spend time there. De-clutter your desk you will de-clutter your mind and be much more productive.
  4. Don't watch TV on your lunch break. I have fallen into the Dr Phil vortex, before you know it it's Entertainment Tonight then a slippery slope to school pick up and the afternoon is gone. Eat lunch outside in the sun.
  5. Put down the phone. Social media is a time trap. One minute you're liking Michelle's breakfast, the next your 29 weeks deep in your ex exes profile. I give myself half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night to catch up on Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Meditate and stretch. It's proven that those who meditate are much more focused and productive. I always take 20 minutes before I start work to meditate and 5 minutes to stretch and regroup every couple of hours to prevent those computer strains and refresh the brain.