Welcome to my first BUMPDATE, definitely the most long overdue post considering I'm already 23 weeks pregnant! As most of you know our path to pregnancy was a tough one so I had all the intentions when I finally fell pregnant to do regular updates, growth comparison photos, bump fashion shoots and video blogs.

But alas, here I am nibbling on a humungous tub of malteasers wondering how the hell I got to almost 6  months pregnant without doing any of it. I guess 14 weeks of ridiculous morning sickness ( 6 of which my husband was overseas) didn't help as I was just focusing on getting through each day. Then I went through a couple of weeks of just preferring to watch The Real Housewives while eating Nutella from the jar. You know, priorities. Then work got super hectic throughout December, then it was holidays...

But I think if I'm totally honest part of the reason is that after suffering two miscarriages and Archie's emergency surgery at birth, I've been a bit apprehensive to celebrate it too much. Like if I do, I will jinx myself and it will get taken away. So I guess part of it was self-protection.

We had our latest scan last week and seeing that little face and hearing that heartbeat filled me with so much love.  I still pinch myself when I catch my bump in the reflection or feel those little kicks and acrobatics inside my belly. It's like I can't believe it's really happening. So being that this will probably be my last pregnancy (and I'm more than half way through) I've decided I need to get my ass into gear and start documenting it! So here is my video blog talking about how we finally fell pregnant through IVF and a bit of a re-cap of the first few months.

If you've seen my first few v-logs you might want to skip through to around the 5 minute mark. It's a long one! ha! Baby dust to all xx