ig The life of the "insta-famous" can seem glamourous and carefree, but what about the poor dude taking the pictures? Finally, there is a support group for the husbands (aka human selfie-sticks), who find themselves either taking pictures or waiting around to take pictures for their blogger wives.  My fellow mummy-grammer Claire sent me THIS VIDEO today and I almost fell of my chair I was laughing that hard. Every "Instagram mama" (and husband) needs to watch this spoof.

I have often shared the hilarity/despair  of having my hubby taking our pictures. It's a five minute frenzy which often ends in threats of divorce - and then adding Archie in the mix?! Total train wreck. But hey, we get the shots! Rarely the ones intended, but the unplanned ones work out the best anyway ;)

I appreciate you begrudgingly taking my pics, babe. I promise I'll get a "proper photographer" soon so you no longer have to be our human selfie-stick. In the meantime, here's one of the hundred captures I have of you "testing the light". You look well impressed. Nice to know you're not alone though, right?

Anyone else have an "Instagram husband"?!