ATHOME_AMANDA_WILDFOX_MATERNITY (105 of 106) The yummy mummy (or mommy) bar is about to reach new heights. And then some. Model, actress and ultimate girl crush Amanda Booth is 7 months pregnant with her first baby. A boy! Obviously she is next level gorgeous, but it's her effortlessly cool edge that has the guys swooning and the girls mesmerised. I was lucky enough to chat to her about  about her pregnancy, style and thoughts on becoming a mama. xo

How would you describe your day to day pregnancy style and do you have any favourite labels?

I didn’t usually take time to think about what to wear before I got pregnant. But now putting in some thought has made a huge difference in making this whole transition “feel good”. I’ve been quite lucky to find some labels that offer elastic styles that aren’t actual maternity lines! I’ve been loving Billabong, Wildfox, and Stone Cold Fox! My day to day has been stretchy shorts and baggy tee shirts. Being pregnant in summer is a definite plus, you can get away with just letting that bump breathe!


What have been the best and worst parts of your pregnancy so far?

The best part of the pregnancy has been the look in my husbands eyes. I never thought it was possible to feel any more loved by him, but every day that we get closer to having our little boy I feel that love grow. The worst part has got to be the lack of sleep!! Im trying to embrace it as my practice for when the lil guy is here, but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable.

What style of mother do you plan to be?

I hope to be an easy going mother who allows my son the room he needs to grow and learn his way in this world. I have a lot of brothers so allowing him to get dirty is going to be a must! I tend to be very nurturing and protective though…fingers crossed!


Can you tell us about your beauty and fitness regime throughout your pregnancy?

I was way too tired in the beginning for much of anything. I have been trying to swim when I have the energy to, and take the dogs on walks the days that I don’t. I got eye lash extensions so I can look fresh without make up during this time, and the phases of no sleep with my newborn! They’ve been really fun to have...Calma is my girl!

Have you started shopping for your son? Which brands are you loving?

We’ve got a few little outfits from Zara and baby Gap! I’ve been trying to avoid buying too much as I know people love gifting the lil outfits since they’re just so cute! I hear a lot of people say that their babies grew out of most things before they even got to wear them. Its been a challenge.

What is the best advice you've received since becoming pregnant?

Don’t pay much attention to the advice everyone will try and lay upon you, unsolicited. haha


Do you have a birth plan or are you just going to wing it?

The only “plan” is that we are going to try and deliver at home and with our midwife. Other than that, we are definitely loose with what may or may not happen. Im a very easy going gal and don’t want to put pressure on something that we can’t control.

What are you looking forward to the most about becoming a mama?

I think Im most looking forward to the look in my sons eyes when I can “fix" him. Being able to be that rock for someone.

Can you offer any beauty or style tips to other pregnant mamas?

I think what’s helped me a lot throughout this, is forcing myself to make the effort now and again. Whip that curing iron out, even when all I want is the dang pony tail! As far as style goes, Im not that into belting above the belly. I think a casual look is more comfortable, and trust me…everyone is going to know that you’re hiding a baby under there anyway! Also, coconut oil! It smells great and moisturizes everything (hair, the belly, your face…)!


Photos of Amanda at home by Kimberly Gordon for Wildfox Couture