Australian children's label Sapling Child is globally renowned for producing the most gorgeous 100% organic cotton baby clothes and collaborating with amazing celebrity mamas including Jaime King & Jessica Alba.

I'm incredibly honoured to be sharing the first look at their upcoming collaboration with Australian royalty, glam mama of two Kate Waterhouse.

Inspired by the stars, skies and all within the cosmos, the Twinkle Twinkle collection features the softest colour palettes, clean lines and contemporary design. I had the pleasure of chatting to Kate about the collaborative process, the mama juggle and her favourite "Date with Kate" interviews.

Congratulations on the upcoming Kate Waterhouse x Sapling collection. What drew you to work with the Sapling Child label?

I’ve always loved Sapling and their designs. I have been a fan of Sapling’s for a long time, and my babies have been long time wearers of the Sapling range at home. Not only do I love their designs but also Sapling’s organic ethos, ethical production and dedication to quality, I was so honoured when they asked me to be involved.

How involved in the design process were you?

Very involved! We have been creating this across the last couple of years now. I feel so lucky that Sapling have had me involved in every step of the way. I’ve put my hands, eyes, creativity and heart into the creative direction for Sapling’s 2017 season. I’m so excited it’s finally here!

What was your inspiration and core values for the collection?

The stars, skies and all within the cosmos have always been a source of inspiration for me.  It's vastness represents the limitless, hope for the future and the idea that anything is possible. I wanted to take this inspiration and combine it with my love of clean lines, minimal design touches and contemporary design mixed with the softest of colour palettes.

Do you have a favourite item from the collection?

I love the planet onesies. So cute and my baby Grace is so comfortable in this.

How different is being a mother to two and can you share any advice for those that are about to become second time mamas like me?!

It’s definitely a lot busier!..hehe. It’s so awesome but you do feel like you constantly have your hands full - especially at the start when they are on different schedules, with a new born on multiple sleeps and feeds per day! But now my youngest is 9 months and they are in a good routine, which makes it a lot easier. I find you are much more relaxed with your second as you know what you are doing and what to expect and you don’t sweat the small stuff. When you meet your second child, you fall absolutely, unconditionally in love with another person all over again, it’s so incredible. I wish you all the best on your second! How exciting!!

In what ways have you and your work/blog changed since becoming a mother?

Now that I am a mum, I’m definitely more interested in fashion for mums, children and soon-to-be mums so that has opened more avenues on my blog.

What are the most important qualities you would like to install in your daughters?

Kindness, compassion, strength, independence, being grounded, gratitude, confidence.

I love following your Date with Kate Interviews. Which interview has been your favourite to date and why?

Thank you.. I loved interviewing Cameron Diaz with Leslie Mann and Kate Upton… it didn’t feel like work because they were so much fun,  I spent the whole interview laughing so it felt like I was hanging out with girlfriends. At the time, I was 8 months pregnant with my eldest daughter Sophia and by the end of our chat Cameron, Leslie and Kate were surrounding me, doing the ‘ring test’ trying to predict the gender of my baby bump… they were absolutely convinced I was having a boy… they got it wrong! haha

Twinkle Twinkle- Kate Waterhouse x Sapling Child- will be available in stores and online in July.

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