Every now and then I come across an Instagram account that stops me in my tracks. Sometimes because of the images and style, and other times for the engaging content. I found both when discovering MOM CRUSH MONDAY about 18 months ago and have loved watching her grow a community of women who are inspired by her positive outlook, perspective on co-parenting and of course the cutest mama & mini fashion.

Destiney has since launched her blog and co-founded the unique roaming playdate and family travel site TRAVEL IS THE NEW PLAYDATE.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Destiney about her rise to insta-fame, perspective on co-parenting and what the future has in store.

How has your life changed over the past year or so as a result of MCM? 

My life has changed in so many significant ways since starting MCM. While I'm still me, I've become so much more empowered by following my dreams and being in control of my future. When I'm successful it's because I've put in the work to get there. I've invested in my self, and that's both scary and beautiful because there is no one to fall back on.

And then in other ways, my life hasn't changed at all. I'm still Destiney. I'm still the same mama to H that I would be if I weren't doing this in the public eye. I'm just sharing who I am with those who want to listen.

 What are some of your pinch me amazing moments that have happened on this ride?

I think the biggest one for me so far was when Fox contacted me and asked me to be a part of their campaign for one of their new shows. The whole thing was so surreal, humbling, and exciting.


You openly share your perspective on co-parenting, and inspire so many others in similar situations. Did you always have this incredible co-parenting relationship with H's Dad or is it something you had/have to work on?

I think with any good thing in life, you have to put in the work to achieve the results you want. We have absolutely had our share of ups and downs, and we've learned from our mistakes. I'm sure we will have more trials in the future as well, because that's all part of life. I would just rather spend the rest of my life not fighting with someone, so I make a conscious effort to check my ego at the door.

You often talk about looking after yourself to be able to be the best mother and role model to H. If you have a full day to yourself what do you do? 

Yes! I'm a huge advocate for self care. Usually for me that means finding small moments throughout the week to incorporate things that fuel me into our daily routine. Whether that means having a cup of tea in the quiet and reading before H wakes up, or sneaking off when I have an hour to get my nails done or work out. It sounds frivolous but most days I'm working from sun up to way past sun down, so those little moments just for me are important. I don't even know what I'd do with a full day off... in all honesty I would probably spend it planning my next big move.

 What is the best piece of advice/saying/quote you have heard about raising a daughter? 

Allow her to see who you are. I think it's really important for our girls to see us in our entirety; flaws, passions, fears, happiness... and that is all okay. I want her to accept herself fully.

 In five years... I see myself with another child, a business, and living somewhere other than Utah!