ruby&rocket-4414 Model, Blogger and Social Media superstar, Ruby Tuesday Matthews has just embarked on her greatest gig to date. The Byron Bay beauty welcomed baby Rocket to the world only ten weeks ago, and needless to say he has rocked her world.

Ruby's gained a global following for her laid back style, bikini body and lustworthy travel posts. Over the past year her Instagram feed has transitioned to incorporate all things bump and baby, and her followers love it. It's refreshing to come across someone who's life doesn't change for Instagram. Her candid snaps allow a true insight into her world- and right now that's all about this baby and his mama. xo

What has surprised you the most about becoming a mama?

Breastfeeding was the biggest shock (and the size my boobs were the day my milk came in) nothing / no one can can prepare you for that, it was the most rewarding but draining first 3 weeks of my life, rocket was amazing , but getting used to breasting feeding was a shock to the system.

What do your days look like?

Right now i have no real routine, I take each day as it comes and really try and listen to my body and instincts, some days we are at the beach and going for walks others we will sleep in and clean the house / do washing. It will be a little different when Ryan is back at work, but right now my main focus is keeping Rocket and my self happy and healthy.


How has your partner Ryan taken to becoming a dad?

Ryan is amazing,i couldn't have asked for a better dad / partner. rocket and i are so blessed that his worked has given him 3 months off, he has changed 90% of the nappies and does 80% of the night feeds now. i wasn't sure how he would transition into becoming a father but he has exceed every expression i have had and is the most amazing dad i could have ever asked for. i feel so blessed and lucky to have him.

Daily uniform - Right now anything that doesn't have vomit on it.

Three items you never leave home without- Nappy bag, phone, and a spare outfit for me and bub.


Y0u looked gorgeous throughout your pregnancy. How do you keep fit and healthy?

I wish I could answer this question saying " I ate really well and exercised in moderation daily " but no I didn't, I ate what I wanted and poor ryan had to harasses me to go for a walk (doctors orders). in saying that my normal diet is quite healthy, I've always eaten really well, i ate foods that are in season and eat a lot of fruit and veg. but i just listened to my body and ate what i felt like and when i felt like it. if i could do it all again i would have loved to have been more physically fit before falling pregnant, i really believe that helps.

What do you look forward to the most about having a little family?

Going camping! Travel and camping was such a big part of my childhood. I can't wait to take Rocket camping and teach him how to fish , start a fire and set up a tent. i also love watching my dad and mum with him, i didn't get to see much of my grandma and grandpa so i feel so blessed and I'm so excited to see them bond.

Who is your mama crush/s?

Angelina Jolie takes the cake, she's a true inspiration in every aspect of her life and someone i really look up to.