Steph Adams is one of those mums you just can't help but admire. She's a former model-turned-art director who has worked for the likes of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Net-a-Porter, is a best-selling author, Editor of LAQUA Magazine, business woman, digital influencer and mum to two gorgeous boys. A passionate advocate for female empowerment, Adams' most recent book which she co-authored with Samantha Brett, The Game Changers: Success Secrets From Inspirational Women Changing the Game and Influencing the World, aims to inspire women to follow their dreams, something we are all about!

We chatted with the seriously stylish mama to find out how she manages to do it all, what it was like interviewing royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle and her own personal style.

You've worn many hats in your professional life, can you tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are today? I started working in Publishing as an Art Director over Vogue Australia, Vogue Entertaining & Travel, Gourmet Traveller, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, British Vogue and designed the first ever magazine for Net-a-Porter. Once I was at Net-a-Porter - I could see the power of the internet and how many people were shopping online. It blew me away - so I started blogging in 2009 in London and interviewing different women on my website. I started attending events and working with brands and then I started publishing books which ultimately lead to my first book: Good to Glow that I co-Authored with Tali Shine and then The Game Changers - first edition along with my co-Author; Samantha Brett. The second edition was then published by Penguin in Dec 2017.

You’re a mum to two boys and you recently released your third book, with another already on the way, how do you find the time?

Its a lot of multi-tasking and you just have to choose your right moments. I want to be there for my children and have quality time as well so I just have to set hours for work and for play.


You have interviewed a broad range of women, from Meghan Markle to Gwyneth Paltrow and Ariana Huffington, who was your favourite and why?

Yes my co-Author, friend and business partner: Samantha Brett and I worked tirelessly around the clock while working on the first edition of The Game Changers. All three that we interviewed were incredibly inspirational and offered generously different advice. I love that Gwyneth believes that life begins when you turn 40.

What makes someone a ‘Game Changer’?

I see so many people all around me all the time who are just incredibly selfless and kind and put other people first, most of them are my friends. I believe all these types of people are. Women in shelters who give up there time to help others.

With the world fascinated by the upcoming royal wedding, you famously secured Meghan Markle’s last pre-royal interview for your book, how did that come about – and what was she like?

My co-Author Samantha Brett used to watch a lot of Suits and was fascinated by her. We were so surprised in her interview just how down to earth she was. She was so much more than just an actress. She had worked with the UN and also in soup kitchens helping the less fortunate.


Who is your inspiration?

I'm inspired by women everyday that are hardworking mothers, doing it tough and yet multi-tasking their families and careers.

Your books focus on empowering women, but as a mum to two boys what do you see as the most important thing we can teach our sons?

I want to teach my sons to be kind, caring and hard-working. To put girls first like the old-fashion way.

As a working mum, how did you find the transition after having babies, going from mum-mode back into work-mode?

I found it tough to be honest. I couldn't write an email for the first six months after my first child. I was in shock - I had no idea just how hard being a mother is. I was glad that at the time, I did work from home, so it wasn't too hard to pick up again as they get older.

Whether you work or not, as a mum we all feel like we could/should be doing more, how do you manage the ‘mum guilt’?

The guilt is hard. You always feel guilty - especially being away.


What advice do you have for mums keen to get back into the work-force, or perhaps that want to make a career change after having kids?

If you can make it work then that’s so admirable, I personally find it very difficult to be away from my children.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like classic dressing, but also things that like silks that are embellished and beautiful. Who are some of your favourite go-to designers?

Chloe, Stella McCartney, Michael Lo Sordo, Rebecca Vallance, Collette Dinnigan.

And what about your go-to beauty brands?

La Prairie, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury.

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