itw-beatrice So we're heading off on a West Australian road trip with our mates this afternoon. In my pre-baby life I lived to travel, spending months at a time in Africa, Central America & South East Asia. I  love the freedom and sense of adventure of discovering new places and want to raise my family experiencing the same. Obviously travelling with a toddler adds a new dimension and (just a tad) more organisation.

This post is inspired by road trips, adventure and all things wild & free, including a track from one of my fave flicks INTO THE WILD. Happy traveling. x

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Beatrice Heydiri Photography, Rise by Eddie Vedder, Spell & the Gypsy Collective, Argus C3 camera, Slyfox Threads print, Children of the Tribe, Bandit Kids, Marc Jacobs overnight bag, Adele headphones, Aesop travel kit, Missie Munster Summer Holiday Pant, Mini & Maximus, Love, Luck & Wonder Ocelot sandals…. Special guest appearance from Max.