Self-described “teeny-weeny” Australian organic babywear label Sapling Child, may not be so teeny weeny much longer. Director Peta Stinson recently announced her first collaboration with none other than Hollywood actress and ultimate yummy mummy Jaime King.

Peta says Jaime was the most natural choice for collaboration, “Jaime really was the only fit for us. She stands for everything we do, love of the earth, love for organics, and wanting to produce the best possible clothing choices for littlies. It's amazing to meet someone who you immediately connect with on a deep level, and that's exactly what has happened with us. “

I had the pleasure of talking to Jaime about her baby boy, her mama style and her upcoming collaboration with Sapling Child.

WHAT’S THE BEST PART OF BEING A MOTHER? Waking up every day knowing that I have a beautiful, joyful child that I get to share and discover this world with anew. Every time I look at him I am reminded to be fully present and I believe that is such a gift, something we all strive for in our lives and having a child really puts everything into perspective. That loving, giving, caring, sharing, learning and growing -- these wonderful qualities that make our days so sweet I experience in a much greater depth because I know by living and being in that state will transfer to him and he can be a positive force on this planet.


HAS ANYTHING SURPRISED YOU ABOUT MOTHERHOOD? Everything!!!! As a first time mother, you really have NO idea what life is going to be like and how it drastically changes. People try to explain but you can never realize until you have a child, and what has most surprised me, is that I feel so much more capable and strong then I ever thought I was. We grow up essentially only being responsible for ourselves and now the empowerment I feel knowing that I can nurture and do my best everyday (even while making mistakes and second guessing myself) that women are so profoundly capable of handling the ups and downs and radically changing environment being a mother and that is something all women should be proud of on their best and worst days.


HOW DO YOU BALANCE BEING A WORKING MOTHER? I do my best to be with my son as much as possible and I am very hands on. I shoot 12-16 hours a day, so obviously I have to have childcare, however, he is always with me, everyday on set because I want him to grow up the way I did. I was not meant to be a stay at home mom, because my acting and creative heart needs to express in that way, and though it is very difficult, not sleeping and working crazy hours, I do what I can to keep him close so that I am still raising him as my mother raised me. Though, she did not have to go to a work place, raising three kids at home is just as hard! I believe that it takes a village, and we are in an interesting time where we have been taught that we should be able to do it all and have it all. Have kids, have a great career, have a great relationship, a healthy life etc. and be some kind of one-woman army. That is not only not possible, but totally unfair to place those expectations upon ourselves as women. I do not believe that men struggle innately with this as women do because women are always having to prove themselves in the workforce as equals. Though, of course. many loving and hard working fathers face these dilemmas and I want to acknowledge that as well. But throughout history, people always relied on their families, their tribes, their friends and loved ones for assistance. So I try, when I am judging myself as not being able to juggle everything perfectly, to remember that we are not supposed to! I remember that even though all of my family lives far away from me, that I can ask a friend to come over and play with him so I can hop in the shower, or go to the doctors. Our children will love us no matter what, if that is the loving we are putting out there to them.


WHAT IS YOUR EVERYDAY MAMA STYLE? WHAT ARE YOUR GO TO WARDROBE STAPLES? My go-to mama style is pretty much the same style I have always had, except I wear less things that the baby will pull or scratch himself on. I went through a bit of an identity crisis when I had a baby, as if some part of me felt like being a mother meant I couldn't be sexy, or youthful or something. Then I realized, being a mother is the ultimate sexiness. It is so beautiful and powerful and the greatest creation I have made- so now, my style is emboldened because I want to show all mothers that they can be super elegant, put together, chic and edgy. (Yes, even when you have puke under your scarf and baby boogers stuck to your new dress:) My staples are a beautiful black body suit that I wear all the time with jeans and a sleek belt and a scarf, or I wear it with jean shorts and sandals. I have an awesome jacket that was made by my friend Julianna Sorrelli which she sells at The Evil Hollywood Rock N Roll Cat Store in LA or Online. I add a little punk to my style to keep it fresh. Basically, pick 5 key pieces, and a GREAT pair of sunglasses that are really chic so no matter what you are wearing and if the baby is teething and up all night- no one but you will know:)


WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO NEW MOTHERS/ MOTHERS TO BE? Be gentle with yourself. Praise yourself and take 1 minute a day to close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and really thank yourself for doing a good job, for being you, and for creating and caring for a true miracle. During that time forgive yourself for any judgments you have placed upon yourself, any frustrations, just breathe them out and let them go. You will have to do this all the time, but when your hormones are all over the place, when you cry for no reason, when you feel like your tits are going to fall off, when you want to punch your partner or kick every relative out of the house, or just be able to go to the bathroom without feeling like it is now an Olympic sport- or judging yourself for the way you "thought" you should feed your baby or care for your baby and then real life kicked in and your "plans" didn't go as expected- remember, if you are loving your child, and if you are still breathing, then, you my friends, are a success.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR COLLABORATION WITH SAPLING SHILD? I found Sapling Child online and immediately fell in love. Everything Sapling Child represents is a true reflection of how I want to care for my child and create for other children. Beautiful, eco-friendly, non-toxic clothing and essentials that every parent should be able to have for their children. Peta and I met over Twitter and it was like meeting my creative Soul Mate. James Knight wears Sapling almost every day, I love the beautiful stories the clothes tell, I love the energy behind the brand. When I see him in Sapling Child it makes my heart sing, especially knowing that Peta and I are collaborating in very big ways together. We started off discussing one collaboration and then, the more we spoke the more I knew I HAD to be a part of this company in every facet. It is almost as if we are creative twins and we have the same goals and visions for what we want to put out there for parents and children. Happy, joyful, non-toxic and beautiful clothing and products that will brighten up families and hopefully make a larger change in the industry by standing by the belief that our children should be in healthy, organic materials that reflect a positive and beautiful message. I have never been more excited about any creative collaboration- and that is saying a lot. It is all I think about other then my child- Sapling Child completely consumes me because I am so utterly thrilled about what Peta and I will be creating together, with both of our families and our clothing collaboration just being the very beginning of the truly innovative and pure products we have in mind so that hopefully, we can make all families lives a little easier knowing that what we create will be healthy for your children and the planet. The range will be available in November at and selected retailers.