JASNA1 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to raise your family in another part of the world?  In our Love Where You Live  series we get a glimpse into the day to day lives of mamas from all over the world. Where they get coffee, have play dates, date night, shop… It’s kind of like a travel guide for mamas. But more than that, it shows that even though we live in different climates and cultures, we can connect through the universal language of motherhood. xx

LIVES | Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

WORKS | Public Relations Consultant for an international agency. I actually graduated from Law School and for a while I was very much into international relations and it seemed as if I would work in that field. But,  I spotted an ad where an agency was looking for paid PR interns. Although I had no prior PR knowledge whatsoever, I knew I could do it, so I applied wanting it to be something I could do part-time and earn some money while in Law School.  Two months later they offered me a full-time position. Recently, I have obtained a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communication since I really enjoy that field too and it also overlaps with PR so much.

Besides that, I write a lifestyle and parenting blog, called prince ‘n’ soul which is aimed at moms (and dads!) from Serbia and neighboring countries, since it is written in Serbian. My blog is a happy place where I try to maintain a “culture of positivity”.

ROOTS | I was born and raised in Belgrade. I love my city so much and cannot imagine moving somewhere else permanently, although I would love to be able to spend more time discovering foreign countries and traveling.

TRIBE |I live with my husband Djordje and our kids, son Andrej (4 years old) and daughter Valentina (6 months old). Djordje is a graphic designer and he is one of the most talented people I know. I love him so much as he is an amazing man – loyal, devoted and hard-working. He is a fantastic dad and it also doesn’t hurt that he is really good-looking ;-).

Andrej is our first love, the one who made us parents. I did give birth to him but, in a way, he also gave birth to me, to new Jasna, and I feel like I am now the best possible version of myself! He is a great kid who gives his mama million kisses a day. He is curious, smart, and gentle and I love spending time with him. He also has a fiery side (well, he is a Sagittarius, after all!) and wants to be the first and the best at everything and we love how determined and persistent he can be to learn a new skill or achieve something he wants

Valentina is my darling baby girl and she is the best baby I could have hoped for! I am currently on maternity leave (which lasts for a year and is fully paid!) so the two of us are spending every day together while daddy is at work and Andrej is in the kindergarten. I am so lucky – she is such a cuddly baby and I spend my days kissing those chubby thighs and squishy cheeks! She adores her brother and he adores her and they make my mama heart melt out of pure joy every day when I see them cuddle before and after the kindergarten.


COFFEE | We live at Belgrade’s biggest suburb called Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), but both my husband and I love the center of the city, so we usually go for a coffee in one of the numerous coffee shops and restaurants in the old town.

FAMILY DINNER | We don’t really do family dinners out but we sometimes go somewhere for a lunch. Dinners are reserved for special occasions or celebrations and mostly for grownups only, but, of course, occasionally you will have dinner out as a family as well.

Our favourite restaurants for a lunch (or a dinner) are Smokvica, Pizza Bar and Supermarket.

DATE NIGHT | My husband and I love to go to one of our favourite restaurants (those mentioned above + the ones called Madera, Lovac and Dijagonala) and we also love to go to the jazz bars, movies or to the theatres. But, we don’t do date nights that often. We prefer to snuggle in our bed and watch movies or series, once the kids are asleep. We cannot wait for the next season of House of Cards!

GIRLS BRUNCH | Again, I would have to go with Smokvica, Pizza Bar and Supermarket. But, girlfriends here usually go to a dinner or for coffee or drinks and less to a brunch or lunch except when you sneak one during the working day break. I know I much more prefer to see my friends in the evening when my kids are done for the day and are safe and sound in their beds – mama can relax more then and also, to me, nights are more glamorous! My favourite places for drinks with girlfriends are Red Bar and Basta.


SHOP |I mostly shop at H&M, Zara and Pull & Bear although I really love vintage finds. Also, lately, online shopping has become a real passion of mine. Why limit yourself to couple of stores in your country when you can get beautiful pieces from creative individuals from all over the world! The only downside are the shipping costs and the customs fees as it sometimes can be more expensive than the product itself, so I cannot really indulge in that passion as much as I would want to…yet :-). My favourite brand that I have recently discovered is French online label called Sezane. It absolutely represents my style and I love everything, from shoes to accessories.

PLAY DATE | When the weather is beautiful, it is definitely the Tasmajdan park. That is my favourite park, situated in Belgrade’s city center. It is such a beautiful oasis where you can catch a break from the busy urban surrounding. We also like to go to the Kalemegdan fortress and explore it and enjoy the beautiful view on the mouth of the rivers Danube and Sava.

During cold months, we either hang at each other’s homes where kids can play while we sip coffee or we take our kids to one of the city’s indoor playgrounds.


Photo Credit Bojan Dzodan

MUST-DOS | Belgrade is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city with approximately two million people living in it. Its main characteristic is that it lives 24/7 and you always have something to do and somewhere to go. It is impossible to get bored here!

  1. Eat our food all day everyday :-)
  2. Sit in the cafes and watch the city pass by | Spring, Summer and early Autumn are the best times to visit.
  3. Explore Kalemegdan fortress
  4. Go to Savamala | such beautiful part of Belgrade, situated in the center of the city and by the bank of the river Sava. It is partly chic, partly bohemian, partly rock’n’roll. Sexy and mysterious at the same time.  There are so many fantastic bars, restaurants, clubs, artistic exhibitions, design markets, etc. Also, some of the best city murals (and my favourite ones!) are covering the walls of the old buildings in Savamala adding to its incredible charm.
  5. Visit Skadarlija | incredibly beautiful part in the city center, often called bohemian quarter. Here, you can sit in one of the many restaurants, eat traditional Serbian food and have the small orchestras of street musicians play live around your table.
  6. Check out boats and rafts by the banks of the two rivers | when the weather is beautiful people love to go to pubs, clubs and restaurants that are on the boats or rafts that float by the banks of Sava and Danube.