Hands up who has a fussy eater in the house?! I think most kids go through fussy phases, and for some it's a constant battle to ensure they are getting optimal nutrients for their growing bodies and minds.

My little guy is not super fussy, but he's so go-go-go that he barely makes time to sit and eat a proper meal. As much as I make sure he always has healthy snacks, I know he probably eats a little more "non-nutritious" food than he should.

We all know how important gut health is to our overall wellbeing, but did you know it's not what you eat but what you DIGEST that makes the most impact on your health?

I've been giving Archie probiotics since he was a baby, but after a recent bout of digestive issues I decided to switch him over to a prebiotic.  So what is the difference?

As explained by Xtendlife  when you take a probiotic formula - yes you swallow millions of good bacteria - but only a miniscule amount of that number will survive stomach acids and reach your digestive tract. In other words: You never know how much probiotic you're really getting - or even how much your body actually needs.

Whereas a prebiotic supplement encourages and helps your body make its own good and friendly bacteria - just like nature intended. Your body determines what probiotics it needs - and when it needs them, and prebiotics are the food good bacteria need to thrive and do their job! 

Both Archie and I have been using Kiwi-Klenz prebiotic supplement for the last month or so.  I take one capsule a day and I pour half a capsule into Archie's smoothie each morning. 

The secret ingredient is New Zealand kiwifruit which is proven to promote healthy digestion by properly breaking down food, stimulating the growth of good bacteria, while suppressing the growth of bad bacteria. It also contains soluble fiber for healthy bowel function. 

The difference is not only how you feel, but also improves the appearance of skin.

If you do have a fussy eater, or just want to optimise you, XTEND life also has supplement specifically created for children, adolescents and teenagers.

Unlike many supermarket supplements  Total Balance Children's dietary supplement contains no synthetics, cheap vitamins or fillers, instead the best natural, bioactive ingredients at the right levels for a growing child. By providing natural nourishment to improve your child's healthy cells it reduces the risk of common degenerative conditions, builds a stronger immune system, improves learning ability & co-ordination as well as eyes and vision.

So if you are looking for natural solutions to optimise your child's health, learn more about Xtendlife's Total Balance Children's dietary supplement and Kiwi Klenz HERE.

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