I have the fondest memories growing up on a 400 acre property on the outskirts of Sydney. Riding my horse to visit my friend and spending weekends exploring campsites and playing make believe with my brothers and sisters. I'm not going to get on the "back when I was a kid there were no iPads and kids payed outside"  rant because there was Donkey Kong and hand held games and plenty of cartoons on TV, but we chose to spend the majority of time outside. I think most kids given the opportunity would.

Raising Archie in the city means he has a different childhood experience, although thankfully there's a  little "kids gang" on our street and they take turns in playing in each others yard, but I do go back and forth with the idea of moving to a property and letting him experience the kind of childhood I enjoyed, with space and fresh air.  Every week I take him to his Nonna's to get a taste of that country life.  I watch him go off exploring with his cousins, playing make believe and tell stories. This is where he is happiest, childhood as it should be and it fills my heart with so much joy. #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged

Our little explorers wear Target Kids. Our first stop for winter woolies; cute, comfortable, affordable clothes that are perfect for play. Full details & soundtrack below. xx

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[audio m4a=""][/audio] Archie wears Target long sleeve Wild Adventurer tee; track pants; vest from in store- similar here ; ugg boots in store view all shoes here

Lilly wears Target knitted dress in store similar here ; full textured knit leggings;  cowboy boots

Bear hats from a costume store last season.

Photographed by Marcia Leone. Soundtrack Eddie Vedder Rise.