l1 Judging by Paris Fashion Week, the leopard trend still has legs- and fast ones at that. By no means does my obsession start and end at leopard.  In fact, I'll take your leopard and raise you a lion... or panther, cheetah, tiger, jaguar- the whole big cat family. Here are some of my current faves for the mamas, the cubs & even the den.

Disclaimer: I understand there is a very fine line beween leopard and Snookie...  I've been known to push it at times, but hey I'm Italian, and so's my boy. #rockthatcat Soundtrack: The Cure Love Cats. PRESS PLAY xo

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1. Spell & the Gypsy Collective 2.Pop Up Shop leopard tights 3. Cubs layout (L to R clockwise) : LA Riot Kids leopard snapback, Children of the Tribe Summer Safari romper, Two Little Cubs the leopard crew, Kapow Kids hear me roar leggings, Wee Gallery nesting dolls, Mini Melissa cat shoe. 4. Soft gallery snow leopard blazer & shorts 5. Pop Up Shop leopard gym piece 6. Feiyue x Milk on the Rocks Tiger sneaker 7. Archie wears unisex leopard cardigan from + H&M Kids Cheetah tee 8. H&M tiger bedding + OMM Design Tiger wall poster 9. Mini Munster RAR! tee 10. Salt City Emporium lion cushion 11. Family of Happy Socks 12. We Are Handsome swimwear 13. Mama Musts layout (L to R clockwise) Sunday Somewhere Laura Catseye sunglasses, Stella McCartney lion tee, We Are Handsome panther swimsuit, Martin Margiela leopard high tops, leopard underwear, Roberto Cavalli pram. 14.Sincerely Jules Valentinos + Claire Vivier leopard clutch.