Z1 There's nothing quite like fresh country air and wide open spaces, especially when you're a kid. I was lucky enough to grow up riding horses and motorbikes, running wild and free with my brothers and sisters. I fled for the big city lights as soon as I could, but since becoming a mama I find myself wondering  if raising a "city kid" is the right thing to do. Archie is obsessed with "going to Nonna's"- he asks to go every single day. When we're in Sydney we manage to go once a week, but it's a little harder to explain to a two year old that we can't  go today (again) because we're in NYC. Just before we left, hubby snapped me with my  little sunshine on a glorious Autumn afternoon. When Archie saw the pictures he said it looked just like magic. Quickly followed by "I wanna go Nonna's".  xo

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Marcia wears Zulu and Zephyr Lunar Dress,  Gorman ankle boots & Steven Alan plaid shirt.

Archie wears Milk and Masuki Wolf tee, Little Cocoa Bean panther leggings, The Kid Store check shirt, Inch Blue moccasins & hand me down vest from Target. Both hats vintage.

Guest appearance from Billy & Sam the horses.