gg2 Breastfeeding is hard enough. The last thing you need is to do battle with straps, wraps, clips & covers. But let's face it, although functional, the majority of specific breastfeeding pieces are U.G.L.Y and so glaringly obvious that they might as well have udders printed on the front.

Like most mamas, my first breastfeeding "outing" was horrific. Already in a lather of sweat from the summer heat and the hormones, I insisted on wrapping myself like a mummy, using my pram to shield one side and directing my hubby (through gritted teeth) to stand like a tree on the other. The best advice I got from my best friend  was "just wear an oversized tee" and together with my "reflux-proof" leather-look leggings became my staple. After 2 years of feeding my wardrobe is full of breast-friendly fashionable pieces that I still use post-feeding.

FIVE TIPS for discreetly feeding in style. 1. Pack away the frocks & embrace the separates. 2. A well cut oversized tee will become your best friend. Grab a bunch for a bargain from chain stores like Cotton On 3. Invest in a few quality button up shirts and tees that will last post-feeding. Wearing something that feels and looks good will do wonders to your mood on tough days.  4. Layer up. A plaid or denim shirt, kimono or maxi-cardigan over a tee can double as a cover up if you need to feed in public. 4. Invest in a nice scarf or wrap that can also double as a cover up.

Fashion and feeding can work. These images may just be the inspiration you need. Details below. xo

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1.Shirt around waist- the perfect in-cognito cover up. 2.Milk & Soda oversized button up boyfirend shirt  3.Zara plaid shirt worn by Tash Sefton 4. Spell Designs Naskapi Kimono 5. Cotton On long sleeve striped tee 6. Denim Overalls Tuula Vintage 7. Maxi Cardigan and button up shirt-image We Heart It 8. Free People forget me not striped cardigan 9. plaid shirt over tee- Sincerely Jules 10. Spell Designs kimono  11. Free People jumpsuit 12. Scarf style from We Heart It 13. All else fails- wear cool sneakers- Sincerely Jules.

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Clockwise from left. H&M Black kimino, French Connection striped tee, bassikke oversized grey tee, Winter Kate Kimino, Zara oversized grey knit cardigan, H&M sleeveless denim shirt