instanerd1 A whole month without Daddy must seem like an eternity for a 2 year old. And his mama. Skype was the saviour the first week. They played peek-a-boo, pass the "paw-paw" (the only item we had on both ends) and hide & seek. "Daddy" ie laptop, was hidden under the sheets, in the pantry, in the oven... you get the picture. By the second week we were all struggling- Archie just couldn't grasp why Daddy wasn't coming home and Mama just couldn't throw "up in sky" or "kick ball" like Daddy. Nor did she want to. By the last week the poor little man was so frustrated at talking to a computer that he didn't want to Skype or even talk about Daddy. So we ate lots of ice cream and distracted ourselves. We visited Nonna's, went on day trips, started swimming lessons &  art classes... & dressed up for impromptu photo shoots.


Archie wears Little Cocoa Bean leopard pants, Bonds singlet, Milk & Soda braces and bespoke Sunday Somewhere frames. Daddy's a little horrified at the top knot. We love it.