med We hear it all the time, we know it's important and I'm sure we've all said (screamed, hissed, pleaded) it... "I JUST NEED SOME TIME TO MYSELF" (sometimes with  an added profanity for emphasis.) But the reality is, many of us are still overlooking "me time"  as we prioritise the kids, work, house… there is always something that needs to be done. "There just isn't enough time!" right?!  At the end of the day I love nothing more than plonking down to some trash TV (OMG, RHOBH reunion anyone?? ), although this helps me switch off, sometimes it's nice to do something that nurtures, invigorates and re-charges the soul. This doesn't mean we need to pack our fisherman pants (remember those??) and head for the hills of  Byron ( although, how nice would that be?) It's obviously more practical, and actually more beneficial to work these  "moments" into our every day. I have done quite a bit of personal growth in my time, but during these last few months in particular I have begun to understand the true value of taking time just for me. Here are my top three ways I spend "Me Time".

1. Vedic Meditation| Ignore all your pre-conceived ideas of 'meditation"- it's not about oppressing your thoughts or chanting to the wind. This is 20 minutes twice a day I take to re-charge the soul. It fits perfectly into and balances our modern, hectic life. I do it in the car before pre-school drop off or while Arche takes a nap. I find the time to squeeze it in between groceries and emails, because the effects are just that good. I have only been practicing a couple of months, but it already is a game changer. For those interested I'm working on a post which delves further into this ancient practice in the coming weeks.

2. Yoga & Pilates|  I alternate between the two, and sometimes throw in a Booty Barre class to mix it up. Getting to a class 2/3 times a week is a non-negotiable for me. Good for the mind and the body.

3. Daily pampering| one of the quickest and easiest ways I add a little guilt-free indulgence in my day is to incorporate lovely products into my skincare routine. Taking 5 minutes after my shower to pamper my face and body is just the pep up I need! I've tried many products and found the best products aren't necessarily the most expensive. I love the DERMAVEEN range, particularly for the body- they leave my skin supple and hydrated and it's the best to soothe after shaving. With the benefits of  clinically proven oatmeal, DERMAVEEN is perfect to hydrate during the cooler months.

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dv copy*This post was sponsored by Dermaveen