SHLAICE4 The MUMSPIRATION series is up and running! Alongside celebrity interviews I look forward to introducing to you to a selection of inspiring mamas who are doing fabulous things. From the lust worthy style of the “insta-famous” to those making waves in business and charity, to the every-day mother who has a story of resilience that needs to be shared. This is about celebrating and empowering mothers across the globe! 

First up is  my long time insta-crush Shalice Noel. Not only is the thrift-shop-loving, Chicago based beauty, the super-styling queen of the ripped jean, she is also a home schooling mother of four!! Yep, that bod birthed FOUR babes!  Just how she even manages to brush her hair in the morning is beyond me, yet every day she casually pulls together an effortlessly chic ensemble inspiring 100k Instagram followers, then switches into teacher mode and schools her own children! So let's get to know the lady behind those stems...  Follow her @shalicenoel and blog HERE.


Tell me a little about your background and what lead you to start your blog and IG

I came from a conservative background. I was homeschooled and had time to explore my interests, that being art and fashion. In high school, I created a mood board, a real one made out of cork, Ha! I collected ideas for new looks and I'll admit I was a little bit of a dork since I had no where to go. My parents encouraged me to study English literature and at Oxford England over the summer in college. So fun! In a way, creating words is expressing art or at least that's what I told myself when all I wanted to do was work in fashion!

A friend encouraged me to start posting my outfits on IG. I did so reluctantly but no surprise really enjoyed it. I started the blog to give the rest of the story and am currently enjoying that new medium as well. Not so well is the fact that I'm giving up my REM cycle of sleep to keep up the blogging after the babes go to bed. Bye bye brain cells.

Something that people may be surprised to learn about

Growing up, I was super shy. I remember just nodding a lot. Ha! Surprising since I post outfits on social media everyday, right? I really didn't crawl out of my shell till after college. Major late bloomer .


How much of what you wear is thrifted and have you always shopped this way?

It used to be the majority, now it's less but it's still a hobby. It began after we moved into the city, I noticed what a vintage/new goods gold mine it was. It soon became an addiction. I echo Amanda Brooks when she said regarding her passion to thrift "It was born the moment I could try a new look with one weeks allowance - just a few dollars." I like the opportunity to try new looks without the risk. And the fact that vintage LV's, Hunters, plaid fringe coats are up for grabs, it keeps up the addiction.

Favourite labels?

Acne studios, rag + bone, Vince 


Why did you decide to home school your children and how is it going so far?

I was homeschooled, it was a good experience and when we had kids I thought it would be something I'd like to try. We enrolled in private school last year and the commute was too stressful going back and forth with all four kids. I was nursing at the time and my milk went down from the stress. So, it's the best option right now but I'm taking one year at a time, one day at a time. I can't say I'm not immune to the you took my red pen I want it now cat fights or that I don't like the extra hugs and Aha! moments that I'm currently enjoying. I do! Like today, my 6yo didn't want to read so she had her pet spider read the story in accent. Brilliant.

Who are your inspirations?

Kate Moss' effortless chic and any other mom of lots of kids. It takes crazy patience. And organization. Any tips are appreciated.


What do you never leave home without?

Concealer, lip stain and veggie straws in ziploc's bags. I've learned the hard way to not go anywhere without them!

 Favourite thing to do as a family

Walk around the city or go to the beach! The summertime is the best.

 Favourite thing to do when (if) you get any down time?

Is this a trick question? :) shop. Thrift. Drink coffee. Repeat.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Paris. I lived there briefly after college and fell in love. I'm dying to go back.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maybe one more, dog or baby?? A couple travels and new adventures!


Current addiction?

Black chia kombucha

The man behind Shalice Noel?

Gods gift to me. He's probably a better parent than I am. His patience puts me to shame and parenting teaches me in many ways, which is also frustrating :) He's an artist and Architect so he gets it. Also my photographer. Not by choice. Ha! When were not fighting over the photoshoot, we bounce ideas off each other. He gets it. My late nights and crazy ideas. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters