neon1I took these snaps a few weeks back during endless days of (much needed) rain. My little guy always wants to be “outtide” so keeping him occupied when we’re housebound is quite the challenge. Dressing up (glasses are the obvious choice, thanks to Dad) and drawing on the chalk board are our go-to activities and keep  us occupied for a few minutes anyway. Archie always draws the same picture “Daddy on a plane”. Poor little thinks that when Daddy’s away for work he just flies around in a plane… for weeks at a time. Meanwhile Mummy and Archie are always sunbaking on the beach below, so it ain’t all bad. :)neon3neon8 neon4 neon2 neon7 neon5 Bang Bang Copenhagen Hugo tee, Target denim shorts, Sunday Somewhere opticals, Icon Brand Beanie.