blooper2 Orchestrating a self-styled shoot with a toddler definitely has it's challenges. I mean, getting a toddler to do anything has it's challenges right?! Although my pics may have an effortless look about them (?!), the reality is 5 minutes of high anxiety - dressing a kid who just wants to be naked…or a superhero, testing the light for my photographer hubby , making myself look half decent, screeching at my hubby to get the right angle, wrangling Archie, trying to get him where I want him (most of the time bribery is needed, which in turn means hiding the bribe) all while trying to NOT look like a stressed water rat myself! If it's a street shoot, let's just say a vodka and valium is in order.

I never feel like I get the shot that I want as it's over in a few minutes (literally 5 at most) and I never want to push Arch if he doesn't want to do something. So here is the real deal- the  tears, tantrums, escape attempts, failed bribes & inappropriate photo bombs... or shall we say bums. And yes, that is a punch in the face. Caught mid flight.

Here are some of my favourite outtakes- the reality of shooting Archie Valentino.. and why our shoots are  getting few and far between.  Disclaimer: I never force Archie to take any pics- he's usually happy to do so for a lollypop.  The pics of him crying where he dropped his lollypop… :)

BLOOPER14 bloopBLOOPER10blooper13blooper18 BLOOPER12blooper7 blooper8 blooper9 blooper17 blooper19IGBLOOP3BLOOPER16