With all the crazy things going on in the world, I feel more and more grateful for the simple blessings in my life. I know I bang on about gratitude a lot, but with the everyday stresses of our hectic lives (only enhanced with constantly being connected on social media) it's easy to fall into that space where you're just trying to get through the day, the week, the year.  Where you're living for the future (the weekend, the holiday, the new car, new baby) or the past (because it was so much easier pre-kids); and before you know it life is passing you by. Having my birthday last week was a reminder to really live life, not just survive it. Be present and embrace each moment. Because the years just fly. They really do.

Practicing mindfulness has taught me to feel excited just to wake up and spend another wonderful day on this earth. To feel a joy so deep that you appreciate the beauty in the mundane. And yes, with motherhood there is A LOT of mundane. But it's this moment, this exact moment that is our lives, and if in this moment we are folding laundry or making dinner that the kids probably won't eat instead of sailing around the Greek Islands cocktail in hand, let's look for the little joys- the smell of freshly laundered clothes and brewing coffee, the colour of the sunset through the kitchen window, our healthy little babes who have the option to eat dinner. There is so much to be thankful for- even when life throws us a curve ball. Because when you are grateful, there is no room for anxiety- non matter what we are going through.

It's not often we get pictures of all three of us so thank you One Fine Baby for asking us to feature in this year's campaign. It  was absolutely freezing and blowing a gale. And wedges, bike and sand certainly don't mix, but what beautiful moments to be captured forever. My little family. My whole world. xx

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Marcia wears Cotton On Denim Jacket; Zara wide pants; Cotton On white shirt, Gorman Wedges.

Archie wears Feather Drum stripe jumper and pants

Dave wears Assembly Label denim and long sleeve stripe shirt, Barney Cools B jumper

Photos Scott Lowe for One Fine Baby.