H14Moving our little family to the other side of the world for 3 months definitely has its challenges, but the transition was made so much smoother thanks to the beautiful space we were lucky enough to call our NYC home. The 3 br Williamsburg loft used  to be the local Polish community's dance hall and still features it's original pressed tin ceiling and floorboards.  The owners have combined pop art with street trash (for real) to create an eclectic space full of unique installations, lighting and pieces, yet still manages to retain a comfortable homely vibe. I'm in love with the industrial kitchen, the white exposed brick walls and the 18 foot ceilings that give a much needed sense of space in the sometimes suffocating city.  Every piece has a story.  The lead mirror screen and bedroom lamps were found on the street and the white circular couch was first sold by Bloomingdale’s in 1969. That couch has seen a lot of parties.  Obviously not everything is kid friendly so we spent a bit of time child-proofing,  but who can argue with a  hall that is wide enough for scooting and a spot of soccer? We're  going to miss our Brooklyn pad, that's for sure. xo

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