Photo: Talisa Sutton/Instagram

Photo: Talisa Sutton/Instagram


When you’re pregnant one of the hardest things (outside of you know being pregnant), can be dressing the bump. Finding clothes that fit, are comfortable and make you feel good all in one hit can be seriously tricky.

Scrolling on Instagram you look at pregnant women who seem to make it look so easy when you’re over here feeling less like Blake Lively and more Homer Simpson... But really its just a matter of finding what works for you, embracing your new curves and changing shape with the help of a few simple tips and styling tricks. 

1. Think outside the maternity section

Don’t rule out your favourite stores just because you’re pregnant now, you might be able to size up in some styles and make them work with the bump. 

2. Experiment with different looks

While some mamas are all about the body con and showing off the bump, others are all about being floaty and free so try lots of things on and find your personal maternity style, you might surprise yourself.

3. Invest in quality

Buy a few key basics that can be mixed and matched and dressed up or dressed down. 

4. Don’t spend too much on maternity-only pieces

Unless you are planning on being pregnant a few times and they are quality/timeless pieces you will wear each time, save your spending for other things like the baby room - or to treat yourself with some new clothes once bubs arrives.

5. Buy with the ability to return or exchange

You’re still getting used to your new and changing body so make sure you have the ability to return things if they don’t fit right or you don’t like them once you get them home (especially if you are buying online) pregnancy hormones can make you make questionable choices sometimes… 

6. Go shopping in your wardrobe

You may find clothes that you had tucked away at the back are suddenly speaking to you and your new shape. A loose-fitting dress that once wore belted could be perfect left loose and flowing.

 7.     Comfort is key

We can’t stress this enough, if it doesn’t fit quite right, is a little tight or annoys you in any way DON’T buy it. (Same goes for your pre-pregnancy clothes, don’t keep squeezing into them too long) you’ll regret it and be miserable all day long!

8.     That said there are ways to help you feel more comfortable

You can buy belt extenders or belly bands to go over your jeans - or use the old hair tie through the button hole trick - to help you keep wearing your favourite jeans that little bit longer (but once you finally make the move to maternity jeans you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner – elastic waist bands are everything!)

9. Splurge on accessories

If clothes are getting you down there’s nothing like a new bag, shoes or some statement jewellery to take an outfit up a notch – and the bonus is you’ll still be able to wear them when you’re not pregnant anymore too.

10. Embrace the bump!

This is the one time in your life where you can celebrate your pregnant belly, so embrace the bump and all that comes with it and have a little fun with your look. Your body is doing some pretty amazing things right now so don’t hide it away!

11.  Don’t stress!

If you just aren’t feeling good in anything don’t worry, you won’t be pregnant forever (even though it might feel like you are…)