insta8 It's almost impossible to shoot this little guy these days. He's wised up to all of my tricks and even bargains a treat for a pose. I literally have a 3 minute window, a handful of bribes and a million promises of what I'm going to buy him if he could "just stay still for one second". Lucky every corner has a "99c store" in my neighbourhood. Although I'm yet to find something for 99c...

In other news, I'm all about the print clash right now, and loved styling these camo pants from Marloe Jr and tie-die singlet from No Sweet (YES, tie-die is back baby! ) Both available from one of my fave online stores Eye for Kids Fashion. Needless to say, we went for ice cream post shoot. xo

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Archie wears No Sweet Cloud tank top, Marloe Jr Camo Baggys both available from Eye for Kids Fashion, American Apparel gym shorts, Happy Socks, Frends headphones, Sunday Somewhere bespoke "Archie Valentino" frames & cons.