SS15Ever feel like you need to re-charge and get away from it all? I can hear you snort with laughter. Silly question to ask a mother, right? How about, do you want to know where you can get away for a few days, kick start a new health regime, get pampered and reconnect with yourself?... if the answer is a HELL YES, then keep reading. A few weeks ago I was telling my husband that I was at my limit and needed a break. After 2 years of broken sleep and the joys of having a “velcro baby”, I felt the need to start refocusing on myself and my wellbeing. I actually said the words “health retreat” out loud and the universe must have pricked her ears because a few days later I was invited to a“24 hour break” at Solar Springs in the Southern Highlands. My bag was packed before I finished the email.

Weather you’re completely stressed out, want to kick start a health regime or just craving some time to finish a damn magazine without interruption, Solar Springs is a haven for mamas. Located in the picturesque town of Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands, the restored 1920’s Guest House is set amongst serene manicured gardens and rolling hills. It’s been a health retreat for the past 30 years. That’s a lot of experience perfecting the business of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unlike the regimented drill sergent approach at other retreats, you won’t have to trade your morning coffee for a bowl of berries and a kumbaya singalong. Solar Springs takes a more relaxed approach to wellness. The retreat is whatever you make it, and like the outside world, there are temptations. I found it a good exercise in will power- although how could I resist a cheeky glass of red to accompany my delicious dinner prepared by two-time SMH Chef’s Hat recipient Francois Razavet. I mean, it would be rude not to, right?

The rooms are cosy and the beds super comfy, but with a choice of communal lounge areas and quiet sunny pockets in the garden or by the pool, you won’t be spending much time in your room. To encourage you to really “switch off” there aren’t any TVs in the rooms. Was there a fleeting panicked moment about missing the latest Real Housewives episode? Perhaps, but what an indulgent treat it was to spend a couple of hours by the fire in the “quiet” lounge, sipping a cup of specially brewed tea while flicking through a magazine.

The team of on-site experts include a naturopath, fitness trainer, life coach, beauty and massage therapists. The timetable is jam packed full of optional activities from archery and aquaerobics to a nighlty “glow worm” bush walk. Ordinarily, I would have jumped at the boot camp class, but my Tequila tummy from a party the night before (a rarity I can assure you ) politely suggested a couple of hours down-time and a pre-dinner stretch class instead. You can do as much, or little as you like. So if lazing by the pool, reading a magazine and indulging in the odd massage is more your thing, then that’s perfectly OK.

Gift vouchers are the perfect Mothers Day gift, so feel free to casually leave this page open for hubby to “find”, or better yet, take your mum for a girls escape. You’ll be surprised how little time is needed to re-charge the soul. Click here for more details and packages.


Images 1-3 Solar Springs. Image 4 my own.