horse Have you ever wondered what it would be like to raise your family in another part of the world?  In our Love Where You Live  series we get a glimpse into the day to day lives of mamas from all over the world. Where they get coffee, have play dates, date night, shop... It's kind of like a travel guide for mamas. But more than that, it shows that even though we live in different climates and cultures, we can connect through the universal language of motherhood. xx

WHO | Shauna Hursh @poorpitifulpearl

LIVES :  New Braunfels { in the country, outside of the city limits } Texas USA

WORKS  Clothing Designer for Poor Pitiful Pearl //

TRIBE: Husband Donnie, Daughters, McCoy 10, Italia 6,  Son Donovan 1 month old.  Pony: Lindy Lu, Dogs: Jefe, Zorro + Chauncho. Chickens:  Prinkle + Charlotte/ Hamster: Mr Cuddles. Airstream 2

ROOTS: Originally from Manhattan Beach, California

COFFEE OR TEA: COFFEE!  Im a french press kinda girl, My favorite bean is Organic Dark Roast from Ruta Maya { made right here in Austin Texas } with a splash of almond milk // or if I am out and about and am craving some ambiance, I like to have a coffee date at 2tarts bakery where I can also run into a bunch of friends and splurge on some freshly made macaroons and a dirty chai latte.

FAMILY DINNER:  Huisache is the perfect spot for a casual family dinner… great food, drinks and live music on the patio in the summers… the adorable farmhouse decor and chandeliers with dangling spoons does not hurt the mood either. If you get lucky, you can time it just right..where the local train bustles by and shakes the whole place.  Charming X 100!

DATE NIGHT:  I dream about the food at Myrons. However, my wallet cries.  This is the place however to splurge on those special dates, plus a perfectly convenient walk across the street to catch live music at Phoenix Salon { or karaoke night if you are lucky } or unlucky….. ?

GIRLS NIGHT OUT : Girls night what? …With a nursing baby, my version of a girls night out, looks more like a day date with kiddos and a bunch of moms with a babe glued to their boob. Us girls however recently did organize a an adult art class at Alla prima art that involves everything from painting, pottery, to giant dreamcatcher making. Bring wine and call it a plan. Thats my kinda fun.


(RETAIL) THERAPY | Lot 59 is the swankiest spot in town for clothing, vintage decor etc, I also enjoy rummaging through the many antique finds at Maxs Haus… where you can find a lawn full of interesting junk that you must have….

WORK OUT | Because the drive to a decent gym is about twenty minutes into downtown { and that would be just enough to give me an excuse not to go } we set up our back studio/house as a gym with a treadmill, trx, bench and weights.  I also love hitting up a yoga or pilates class when I have a chance.

PLAY DATES | There is ALOT to do for kids, this town was made for families, Texas ski ranch is an awesome place to wakeboard, skateboard, lay around the “ lake beach” and or jump to your hearts content at spring loaded. The children’s Museum is adorable for the little tots. I have children in all age categories, so if no-one can agree, a trip to the river to kayak or swim and picnic makes everyone happy.


MUST-DOS : if you are visiting NB, you must not leave before you go down the comal tube shoot & float down the guadalupe river. We also live near a beautiful lake for boating,wake boarding and fishing.  Be a tourist and walk through Gruene, visit the oldest dancing hall where you can catch country dancing and live music. Lots of shopping and wine tasting can’t hurt. If you are the unconventional type, get a teepee “aka room” at the Geronimo Creek Retreat where you can bonfire along the creek.

ON A SUNDAY …|   Sundays for our family, involve church and chilling around the house.  Because we live in the country we have made our acreage a place where we never want to leave.  Growing up in southern California never offered a yard bigger than a concrete slab runway… so we kinda went crazy when we moved to the country. we wanted our kids to play outside… so we stacked the yard with a zipline, jungle gym, playset, slack line, trampoline and above ground pool { don’t judge } We love bbq,  playing with our shetland pony, three dogs, chickens etc, its pretty “ all american”.

BEST THING ABOUT WHERE YOU LIVE ... The best thing? Texas is all about freedom, open spaces… and opportunity. Coming from California we were impressed that meter maids, street sweeper tickets and hearing our neighbors brush their teeth was a thing of the past. But lets face it, when you were raised at the beach surfing your whole life, living inland can make you feel landlocked. So id have to say the best thing { our saving grace, actually} is that we can take our airstream to the Texas coast in just three hours…. and believe it or not… it is actually really beautiful, and you can bring your dog on the sand with you. Major perk for us animal lovers.