diet2 Summer (ie. bikini season) is just around the corner, and as we approach the festive period, there is no better time to embark on a detox. Juice cleanses have been trending for a while, and I told myself I would give it a go once I finished breastfeeding, but who am I kidding?! I've been known to turn into "The Hulk" if I skip breakfast, so just the thought of surviving on liquid alone gives me coniptions. Lucky for me (and my marriage) Sydney based DIETLICIOUS offers a 3, 5 and 10 day cleanse...  with food! And not just birdseed and berries, we're talking a selection of mouth-watering Michelin chef prepared meals, delivered to your door. That's right- no cooking. I repeat. NO COOKING!

The dietician designed Cleanse detoxes, rebalances and revitalizes the body by giving the digestive system a break from preservatives and additives, highly processed foods, wheat, gluten, dairy and red meat. Each morning began with warm water and lemon followed by a delicious superfood smoothie. The portion controlled meals were made with local seasonal produce  and included restaurant quality meals like Ocean Trout with an olive tomato crust and vegetable ratatouille and Chicken tagine with quinoa. My favourite treats were the raw cacao and Coconut balls. I may or may not have cheated a little and ate Day 4's "snack on day 3. Not because I was hungry, but because it was so flippin' delicious!

I found Day 2 the most challenging as I had some "withdrawal" headaches from missing my daily caffeine hit, but the organic ginger tea did its best to fill the void. I still miss my beloved coffee, but I am calmer, clearer, healthier and sleep better without it.

More than a quick fix to trim the tummy (which it did), I used this program to kick start a prodominately gluten, dairy, coffee and alcohol free lifestyle adjustment. Hubby and I did it for 3 months while planning our pregnancy with Archie  and never  felt so good, so we've decided to do it again- with 10% for the soul of course. I can't give up my Papa's Baked Ricotta cake for Christmas.

Weather  you're looking to detox, kickstart a calorie controlled program or just have a valid excuse not to cook for a while, you can read more DIETLICIOUS  HERE. xo