sap3 If you've ever wondered what it's like to work with big time Hollywood celebrities, just ask Peta Stinson. The Gold Coast based mother of three and Director of organic baby wear label SAPLING CHILD, has well and truly taken her brand global- with a little help from  two of the world's most admired celebrity mothers, Jessica Alba and Jaime King. Here it is, a FIRST LOOK at a selection of pieces from the  HONEST CO X SAPLING collection, due for release early November.


I had the pleasure of chatting to Peta about all things Sapling- from the humble beginnings to collaborating with the A-list and even relocating her family to LA. The following images showcase Sapling Child's upcoming SS 14 collection, due for release in the next few weeks.

How did Sapling Child begin?

When my son was 5 days old he contracted meningitis. We spent many weeks in NICU and wanted to dress him in organic clothing that wasn't only made from organic cotton, but was also dyed with non-toxic dyes.  I couldn't find anything on the market, and decided to make our own.

Why did you chose to collaborate with Honest Co, and how did it come about?

I think that this collaboration with The Honest Co was a very natural progression for us.  Jessica Alba, and The Honest Co have a very similar ethos to us.  Both of our companies have a huge desire to create products that are non-toxic, to remain socially responsible and to create beautiful design.  We are so excited to be working so closely with the Honest Co team, and hope to be continuing creating gorgeous apparel for them as we grow together.

Describe the Honest Co x Sapling Range

The range with Jessica Alba, is a dedicated holiday range, so we've used traditional holiday colours such as teals and plums, and tapped into the North American holiday vibe with Peek-a-Boo bears and Iceberg Stripes.  Sizes go up to 12 - 18 months.

sap2sap10sap9What was the process like designing with Jessica?

Jessica Alba and her team are an absolute dream to work with.  Not only is she so knowledgeable about the design process (which makes it so much easier and faster), but she is also very clear and precise about exactly what she wants in terms of design. She has a very clear vision of her customers tastes, and spends months researching exactly what they might like. This includes everything from colour palettes  to specific motifs.

How different was this process from the collaboration with Jaime King ?

Very different, Jaime spends a lot of time researching ideas and she's an absolute perfectionist.  She likes to make sure every little detail is 100% perfect.  The collaboration with Jaime truly is a reflection of her own design tastes and a reflection of her childhood and days spent dreaming under the huge Nebraskan skies. It just makes me teary how amazing the collection looks, how much love and hard work she has put into it.  I'm so extremely proud of her. Jaime's range will be released for our store buyers in February, and for our customers in June.  We are beyond excited.  At the moment, everything is incredibly busy, but having Jaime on board has been a huge HUGE help.

What's next for Sapling Child? many good and exciting things in store for us.  We have a skin care range about to launch, and have some more amazing products and collaborations in the pipe lines.  You'll have to stay tuned to see what's next! We are actually just about to move over to North America in Jan (for a few months), as we are in the process of setting up our distribution network over there.  Big time scary, and big time nervous, but an adventure all the same!