26 weeks pregnant. Time is certainly flying. Part of me wants to fast-forward to when my baby is finally in my arms, while the other part is telling me to savour every moment as this will probably be my last pregnancy.

I've definitely gone through a growth spurt, but trying to keep up with work demands and new projects in the new SHORT school hours (pick up is 2.55!) I feel like I'm constantly rushing about but not getting much accomplished.

My OB ordered me to SLOOOOOW down at my last appointment as my weight went backwards. Her suggestions "have a lie down after lunch- don't worry about cleaning the house or work..." easier said than done for a working mama right?! I opted for the "just eat more treats" approach and gained one kg in one week, so all looking good again.

But in all seriousness, it's easy to forget what an incredible job our bodies are doing. In amongst meetings and school lunches and pick ups and deadlines, I AM ACTUALLY MAKING A HUMAN BEING! I'm almost in my third trimester so it's time to put on the breaks, say "no" more and prioritise mama and bub rest time.

Currently loving... feeling baby roll around and kick. Call me cray cray but I even love been woken up in the middle of the night with a thud!  Archie rubbing and kissing my tummy constantly. It's actually the sweetest. I daydream about the moment when he meets his brother or sister for the first time.

Current annoyances... Skin Tags. I even have 2 on my eyelids. What the actual eff?! Vertical ridges on my nails (all  my levels are fine, apparently just one of those fun things that happen in pregnancy), going to the toilet 3546 times every night and the occasional bleeding nose. Oh and my husband, but I'm sure I'll miss him when he leaves for a 2 week trip on Thursday. Maybe.

Currently craving...Nutella. Still. But the recent health warnings about heated Palm Oil have put a dampener on my favourite treat, so I've stopped eating it. Sigh. Pasta. Specifically ravioli and tortellini, which I probably hadn't eaten for years prior to this pregnancy!  A new yoghurt obsession has surpassed the cheese and olives phase. Still missing deli meats and cafe salads. I've made it very clear that I require an Antipasto platter immediately after delivery.

Currently obsessed with...Stretchy dresses, watching Married at First Sight and the new season of Girls, comparing baby's size to random fruit and vegetables and googling pregnancy symptoms (need to stop this.) Also obsessed with coconut oil as body moisturiser.


As for my BUMP STYLE- at just over 6 months it's well and truly time to embrace the stretchy ensembles!  The bump is clearly looking more baby than burger now so I'm embracing the form-fitting outfits over the flowy dresses.

 These looks are all from LEGOE Heritage -the fabrics are so soft and comfortable and  the shapes super flattering- a great basics collection that you can easily elevate with accessories or dress down for everyday. The tank dress should be a staple in every preggy mamas wardrobe. It looks great on it's own or with a bomber or long light trench coat (Chrissy Teigan style).

The over the bump skirt is also on repeat- perfect with a tucked in tank or long sleeve top and denim jacket for cooler days- add sneakers or a boot and you can create 3-4 looks with the one item!

My final "style the bump" tip is the platform sneaker!  Super comfy on the feet, but the height also gives you a longer leaner line. Oh and oversized sunnies and a red lip adds a boost to any outfit!

I'd love to hear your pregnancy cravings and annoyances too- let me know in comments. xo