SUMMER. Spontaneity, adventure and impromptu road trips- what's not to love? North or South, Sydneysiders are spoilt for choice when it comes to idyllic beach getaways.  After visiting family up north, we spent three blissful days camping at secluded Seal Rocks … OK, OK it was a "luxury" cabin located at the same holiday park shared with campers (apparently luxury means running water and fly screens). We were near campers. Does that count? I really do love camping, but the communal facilities prove too much for this germaphobe. ;)

Although wi-fi was available (if you stood on one leg at the end of the cliff waving your device in the air.. yes, I tried), we decided that a three day tech detox was in order. No phones, no computers, no internet and definitely NO INSTAGRAM. For me, the constant buzz of social media can take its toll and I've been starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the virtual world. It was time to switch-off, be present and enjoy my family and the nature we were surrounded by.

So we  swam, sang (badly), searched for crabs, devoured paddle pops and I even finished reading a book (first time in forever.) Archie was in heaven. It was a magical few days and served as a good reminder to what is really important. This. My beautiful, tone-deaf family. XO


Marcia wears: Zimmerman bikini, Spell Designs Kimino, Sunday Somewhere eyewear

Archie wears: Children of the Tribe shorts & Rock Your Baby tee