bts1 Anyone who has shot, filmed or worked with children knows how unpredictable they can be. When Macquarie Centre asked us to feature in a short film for Mother's Day I was beyond excited as I knew it would be a beautiful keepsake - my love for my four year old Archie and thoughts on being his mother captured forever on film.

But I was also shit scared. Because, well, working with kids.  I didn't know if Archie was going to want to do it, what type of mood he would be in, if he would listen to instruction or freak out at all the people in his house. I would never force him to do anything he wanted to do, but there was a marketing team, film crew and photographer with a deadline to meet. No pressure ;)

The way we normally shoot Archie is 1. I ask 2. If he agrees, he give us two minutes (no exaggeration) 3. He negotiates a reward and 4. He goes about his day. This shoot was going to be FOUR hours. We've never done outfit changes or re-shoots and to top it off he is going through a "no pants" stage. So FOUR WINTER outfits on an unseasonably hot (35 degree!) day was always going to be a big ask.

Well, I shouldn't have stressed. He was an absolute pro. I walked into his room after having my make up done and he was fake sleeping in bed, rolling around when asked, being a general larikan and loving all the attention. "We're going to be on TV mama" he exclaimed.

By the last dress change he was starting to get over it, the novelty of his little "surprises" had worn off and the M&Ms he may or may not have been eating in the breakfast scene had spiked and we were well and truly on the comedown. So we finished up a little early as we had so much great content. I'm so proud of my little guy, and the moments captured are exactly us- the things we do every day. I can't wait to show him when he's older and might not want to snuggle in bed anymore ;)

Big thanks to the wonderful team for helping make it a fun, seamless day.