Facetune_06-03-2018-15-56-36.jpg Post-Partum. Where those beautiful, luscious pregnancy locks are are replaced with a thinning, lifeless mum-bun that seems to shrink by the day!

I'm often asked about my hair and if I experienced hair loss after the birth of my children, and the answer is YES!! My hair was literally falling out by the handful. In a few short months it went from thick, strong and shiny to a lifeless, scraggy mop.

I have fine hair, but lots of it so when it started falling out I really could notice the difference. So when I was asked to trial Klorane's Quinine Range, which is specifically created to re-invigorate thinning, lifeless hair, I was SIGN ME UP!!

In an attempt to slow down the mass exodus and restore some sine and volume, I started using Klorane's strengthening & Revitalising shampoo & conditioner followed by the Keratin Strength Fortifying spray. Full treatment time is 3 months, but after 2 months I am already seeing the results, firstly to the condition of my hair - it's stronger, healthier with noticeably less breakage; and secondly the hair growth- Hello Sideburn Susan! Ha! I can totally see it starting to grow back in already.

What I love about the range (in addition the the divine smell and non- greasy texture) is the quality of botanical ingredients. The Quinine rich bark's patented strengthening properties is combined with B Vitamins and caffeine - a powerful combination proven to revitalise thinning, lifeless hair.

I can't wait to see full results in another months time, but I'm already loving the results so far. If you are looking to restore your hair strength and shine- I definitely recommend you give this trio a try! See HERE for more

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