Daughter's Room


If you’ve been on Instagram for a while you might have noticed the popularity of children’s spaces and decor is absolutely off the charts. It’s now possible to bridge the gap between your home and your child’s room with style and taste. We no longer have to rely on pink, blue, bunnies and cartoon characters (she says with a sigh of relief). With so many looks and trends on offer I’ve done the guess work for you and compiled a list of the current top 5 kids interior trends to keep you one step ahead.

  1. Neutrals

Soft muted tones that create a sense of warmth and serenity are right on trend for gender neutral nurseries and bedrooms. Beige, whites and greige are the perfect palette for a baby’s nursery where it’s becoming less and less about your traditional pinks and blues. These neutral tones have a soft and cosy effect, perfect for the upcoming cooler months. Textures go hand in hand with neutrals to add warmth and interest. Think rugs, throws and cushions made with natural and tactile materials such as wool, seagrass and light timbers. The great thing about a neutral palette is you can easily update the look and feel of the room with pops of colour or accessories.

  1. Blush

This is one trend that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It is just too legit to quit! I have never been a big fan of pink, but I have well and truly fallen head over heels for blush. Blush tones have infiltrated interiors and homewares everywhere, and not just for children’s spaces. Be bold with a blush cot or bed, or be subtle and inject blush tones through artwork, cushions, throws, wallpaper. The list is endless. Pair it with timber and beige for an understated look or with grey and mustard for a true match made in interior heaven. Ferm Living and Cam Cam do blush beautifully.

  1. Grey is the new White

If black is the new black, grey is the new white. This is one trend I don’t believe is a trend at all. Open my wardrobe or linen cupboard and you will find mostly grey tones. It’s versatile and fast becoming the go-to colour in interiors. As Scandinavian design principles have become increasingly popular, grey has been following along like the quiet achiever it is. It can be pared with neutrals, blush or eye popping blues, greens and yellows. It makes the perfect foundation colour suitable for nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms. Grey is far from dull or boring, think grey chunky knit throws, cushions, pom pom blankets (this Kip & Co one is my absolute fave!), jersey bedding, woollen rugs – gimme gimme gimme. Please.

  1. Greenery

Every year Pantone reveals its color of the year and this year it’s Greenery. Every year the chosen color influences trends across fashion, interiors and design. When it comes to kids interiors think nature, foliage, vibrancy, bringing the outdoors in. Perfect choice for a nursery, a playroom and for any child that loves nature. Mix it with grey and neutrals and the greenery will really pop. Or be bold and mix it with pink for a match made in heaven. Add some liberty prints, woodland wallpaper and you have the sweetest girls room.

  1. Vintage with a modern edge

There has been a real resurgence for vintage, but with a modern twist. Vintage style is timeless, whimsy and oh so wonderful. Olli Ella, Such Great Heights and Incy Interiors are the leaders (and all Aussies, yay!) in creating traditional items that evoke history and a sense of nostalgia but with a modern edge. Create a truly personal space by teaming vintage and modern items such as a traditional looking cot, floral wallpaper and an upcycled dresser or for a boys bedroom, a family heirloom bed paired with a vintage desk, vintage washed linen and a woollen rug. Don’t forget to add some gorgeous vintage inspired décor pieces. I especially love Olli Ella’s luggy basket, Such Great Heights The George truck and Smallstuff’s doll pram.

Daughter's Room

Daughter's Room

Daughter's Room

Daughter's Room

Daughter's Room

Maria Angus // Kids Interior Stylist, My Mini Abode. All images are of her daughter's room.