The last 6 years have been a sleepless blur of pregnancy, babies and breastfeeding- and as any new mama will attest, those long days and sleepless nights definitely have an impact on how you look as well as how you feel.

Now don't get me wrong,  I've got those "tired mama beauty hacks" down pat- red lip, eyelash extensions, brow tint, high pony, big sunnies, good eye-cream, yada yada...  but there comes a point- especially when you hit your mid-thirties- where you can do with a little extra, right? But ironically, it's the early motherhood years where you can't do the "little extra" because most non-surgical procedures are a no-no during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

So when I read that Thermage-  a one-off treatment that sculpts and tightens the face- is safe during breastfeeding, I was like Sign. Me. Up. I do pilates to tone and tighten my body, so why not Thermage to tone and tighten my face?!

The treatment itself was relatively straightforward. All had to do was take a panadol and lie down (this alone was heaven for a busy mama... ha!) The therapist put a grid on my face and used a machine to pulse collagen stimulating heat.  I've asked the Thermage experts at The Clinic to explain the treatment in detail below.

As far as the "pain", everyone's pain threshold is different. I took some panadol a couple of hours before, and although I definitely felt some of the areas (like an elastic flick) it was more than manageable... I mean it's got nothing on birthing a human, right?!

As for the result- this is a treatment that gets better over time. There is a 10% improvement immediately and it takes 3 months to reach the optimum result. I am at the 6 week mark and can definitely feel the difference when I'm cleansing my face- it's fuller and tighter to touch and I can see an improvement around the jaw line (more lifted) and sculpted around my cheeks. I've spoken to a few ladies who have had it and they all swear by it as a once a year treatment. I can't wait to see the result in another 6 weeks time.

Now I'm not going to lie, it is an investment, but it's a clinically proven once a year treatment that for me has taken the place of the monthly IPL I was doing to tighten my skin. IPL is more effective for the skin tone, and although it does stimulate collagen, the tightening results are far, far greater with Thermage.


Five weeks post-treatment (3 nights post-no sleep... thanks teething!) I can really see that my cheekbones look fuller and more defined.

Kaye Scott, Co-Founder The Clinic shares a little more detail about the treatment

How does Thermage work?

Thermage uses radio frequency bulk heating to tighten the collagen proteins located within our dermis (the third layer of our skin). It helps these proteins to regenerate, which aids in contouring, sculpting and tightening of elasticity in the skin. It sounds very technical (and the technology is) but the treatment itself is very straightforward and the results get better over time!


How long do results last and how long until you see a difference?

Results can last up to 12 months, which makes this treatment a great investment. A small 10% difference is noticeable immediately after, and results continue to improve. After three months, you will notice taut, sculpted skin.


Who is the ideal candidate for the treatment?

We suggest anyone from their mid 30’s and above as this is when the skin starts to lose elasticity. However, anyone who is noticing mid face volume loss such as jowling or marionettes is suitable too. We're seeing an increase in mums investing in Thermage - after one or two kids, they're not feeling as tight and fresh as they once were and the results really bring back their confidence, helping them to love the skin they're in.


What other treatments would compliment Thermage?

Any of our treatments at The Clinic compliment Thermage, but probably the most popular is Pelleve. It uses the same technology (radio frequency) but in a smaller dose of energy meaning we can apply the treatment directly under the eyes, which is an area Thermage cannot do. Three sessions of Pelleve over three months achieves a softening of lines around the eyes and tightening of skin. Fraxel also works well in conjunction with Thermage as it combats pigmentation, scarring and uneven skin tone, which only ensures even fresher and even results.


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